Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Tweet {Just Listed}

This week has been a trip down memory lane for me. Hard to believe it was over two years ago (was it actually three?) that I took these photos. The girls were just itty bitty, weren't they? Well, between what I had left in my stash and what I've scouted out, I have enough fabric to offer this collection at least once more (maybe twice, depending on what goes first). So excited! I'd LOVE to make these again. And looking at them now, I'm struck by how they look like something I'd still design brand new today. You wouldn't say "oh, those were SO two years ago, " would you? ;)

Click here for the listings.

We have also added the matching Sweet Tweet and Raggedy Ann dolls to our collections. How fun for a little girl to have a Dollie that no only looks like her, but is dressed like her too. *swoon*


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