Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Time to Destash! Someone hand me a kleenex...

My drawers are overflowing and there just will never be enough hours in the day to make my way through it all.
I have never purged my supplies like this before. And I hope it all sells before I get too sentamental and start crying all over the place. Is there a 12 step program for letting go? There should be. Seriously, the photos of my girls in this one, this one, and this one are just killing me. Oh those kissable cheeks!
I can't beleive I'm letting go of There are 10 different ones. And even one I had twice and didn't even know it. That ought to tell me I had a hording problem, right? Geesh!
But honestly, Dave Rasmey told me to sell, sell, sell. So do it I must. ;) I listen to him every day!
So here goes...hop over to my shop to see all 23 listings, right {here}.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stitching in the Ditch {Tips and Tricks}

I was making this skirt a few days ago and as I did something I thought "I wonder if other people do this too?" You might think it's overkill, but I do still think it's a good idea.

So I'm sure you already know to use non-roll elastic for waistbands. Right? Don't you hate when a waistband gets all wonky inside the casing? Non-roll and this step I'm explaining here both make that impossible. Another reason to love handmade. :)
So what I usually do is "stitch in the ditch" along the side seams. If they are pants, you don't need to do it to all four seam, the two side seams should be plenty good.
Start a few stitches down from the top and then backstitch to the top and then back down to the bottom of the casing, making sure to backstitch again. Pull the threads to the inside and tie them off. Easy peasy!

 photo Mermaid006_zpsd7c30a8a.jpg
When you hold the seam like this, you can see that the stitches are very close to the seam. If you can get them right on top, even better. But it can be a little tough to be exact since you have to also pull the elastic/fabric flat while you are stitching. It's only noticeable below because I am folding it backwards, which you don't do when it's being worn. Right?

 photo Mermaid009_zpsc63d1ec3.jpg
When the piece lays flat it's virtually invisible.

 photo Mermaid010_zpsa260d007.jpg
Now you've just secured the elastic, which I think prolongs the life of the garment.
Win win!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Around here {Inside TaDa!}

David was a dear and installed a second set of shelves over my cutting table last week-end.
Boo to Ikea for discontinuing the brackets on the left. The ones on the right only came in
birch-tone so I had to spray paint them. So glad to finally see them up!
My cutting table could use a white ruffled skirt all the way around and my black desk will hopefully get a coat of aqua this summer.
I finally found all of my scrapbooking scissors. The kids are loving these.
(i.e. there are lots of paper scraps all over the house)
 photo Studio009-1_zps39d2b979.jpg
Since I missed the first printing of Flea Market Fancy I couldn't resist the second.
These will become a scrappy trip around the world quilt soonish. But let's be honest, it's probably a five-year plan. ;)
I have four more half yard prints to buy. I think I'll leave out that non-FFM one on the top.  It's cute, but I prefer more color.

 photo Studio005-1_zpsc9321279.jpg
I love this photos of my girls. Oh how I wish they were just three again.

 photo Studio006-1_zps5728a5aa.jpg
This stack of fat quarters will be up for sale in the shop soonish.

 photo Studio008-1_zpscd083269.jpg
This stack will make lovely Rainbow twirl skirts. Don't ya think?

 photo Studio007-1_zps6a8cd6b7.jpg
This little adoption guy is going out to his new home tomorrow. Eeek! Isn't he sweet? His mom let me pick the fabrics. So here's a peek if she's reading. :)
And that stack there represents four more projects in the works.
It feels good to be sewing pretty things again.

 photo Studio012_zps35ee0eb1.jpg

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TaDollie Options

 photo TVPdolls600_zps0876acaf.jpg

You can customize your TaDollie purchase with the following...

1. Choose a skin color: peach, lt brown or brown

2. Choose a hairstyle from #1-#7

3. Choose a hair color: yellow, lt brown, brown, black or red

4. First name (or one word) to be hand embroidered along the front hem of skirt (or edge of boy doll)

 photo Pictures_zps2296f92b.jpg

Sunday, February 10, 2013

So long girls!

Two little sisters are going to have a fun mail day this week.   

I can just see them opening the box with mom.


I hope they love all the little details that went into
making their dolls perfect.


Enjoy ladies!

 photo Rainbowfabrics005_zps93694f78.jpg

Monday, February 4, 2013

Little People

My little people received their Grandma's collection of vintage Little People toys when she moved at Christmas. I adore all of these toys and considering how many children and grand children have enjoyed them, they are still in fairly good condition. I do still need to go buy a magic eraser and clean them up a little. But that hasn't stopped this little guy from playing with them most every morning when he is missing his sisters.

These have all been on my mental wish list when I stop at garage sales.
But I have never happened on any.
I have also been known to stalk them on ebay, never hitting the "bid" button though as they can get pricey. But now I have a reason to bid on the farm animals and fencing that are missing and some more furniture for the house.  ;)

 photo Wedding088_zps876068fa.jpg
I wish they still made toys as cute as these. The school house is my favorite. Love the bell and chalkboard in there.

 photo Wedding102_zps75255974.jpg
But you can bet which one is his favorite, with the working elevator. He usually sets up his own series of ramps out of blocks, for those high speed chases he master minds.

 photo Wedding104_zps0f3a5b6a.jpg
Love this kid!