Friday, January 28, 2011

Lovely Dresses

Have you visited Mod Cloth yet? They've got some perty adorable dresses. In fact I have never seen so many dresses all in one spot. I love the names they give each piece too. And their descriptions are just as fun. I've been drooling over these dresses in a "wish I could wear them" kind of way. I think I need to tape a pic of my favorite one on my fridge for inspiration. But today I'm making Valentine cupcakes with the kids. I think I'll wait until Monday. ;)

Here are my many faves from their site. In no particular order except this first one.
(please note I have never ordered from them, so I have no idea on the quality or fit)

Autumn Wheat Dress $68


My most favorite. Even the back is cute!


Seafarer Dress $80
This one reminds me of Olive Oil from Popeye. But I still love it.


Sea You Later Dress $50 Perfect date night dress.


Phosphoresence Dress $58 This is SO my color!


Indie Darling Dress $55 Love the sweet ruffly sleeves and lace.


Ignite the Night Dress $53 Um, yeah, totally hot!


Navy Notion Dress $52 Love, love the ruffles.


A Little Bit indie Rocker Dress $70 A sweet, I should be baking cupcakes and wearing an apron kind of dress.


Art Instructor Dress $42 So cute with tall boots and black tights for fall.


Blooms of Montmarte Dress $110 Just sweet.


About the Artist Dress $53 So classic!


Picnic and Choose Dress $100 The 1993 girl in me would adore this. And still does.

Variations on a Theme Dress $81 Gorgeous! Reminds me of how Maria made clothes out of the drapes for the Von Trapp children.


Hepcat Dress $50 Love, love LOVE!


Crisp Cola Dress $48 Would probably look terrible on me, but it's still cute.


View From Above Dress $105 Wish the bow didn't look so much like a tie.


Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger $45 So aptly named.
Um, yes please!

**Another fun site is Jennifer's Style Your Life blog. I found Mod Cloth through her and lots of other fun sites I didn't know existed. She posts "virtual" outfits which are fun to see.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i heart organization {mail station}


We've lived in our house for 11.5 years now. And I'm embarrassed to admit that we've never had a mail station that works for us. Until now. A couple of weeks ago, I ran across this blog post and her set-up finally made sense for our space. We don't have a nice big entry to set things down in. It's a split entry and every wall either has a door on it or one that opens up to it. So, everyday when the mail comes in, a decision has to be made. Bring the bills down to the desk, or go upstairs and hug the kids (and wife) first. Thankfully hugs are always first. ;) So that means the mail gets set in any one of 10 different places. And often it's right in the middle of where I'm making dinner.

I had never been able to find a sorter/holder/box thingy that I liked or was big enough to hold our stuff. So, can you beleive I chose to have this mess around me instead of at least buying something that wasn't "perfect" in the meantime? What was I thinking? It was so easy to let things pile up, because that was easier than trying to find a place for everything, when there really wasn't a place for anything. Yet.

Exhibit A


Even that high shelf isn't high enough anymore to keep things away from the kids.

And when company comes over, I usually resort to dropping all the junk into grocery bags and putting them in my bedroom because we don't even have room for junk drawers. Yeah, not so pretty. These two bags are still in there. That's next weeks task to get though. It's mostly kid stuff (coloring books, etc...) that gets moved from the table, to the hutch when it's time to clear the table off for a meal. Three. Times. A. Day. I know! If we could just stop eating around here, my problems would be solved, right?


A couple of days ago, I went to Target and was able to find just what I needed to get this look. A little canvas covered black box. Pretty basic and non-descript. Perfect! I also found the same file folders and cute clipboard. I'll be painting that rooster hutch (and garbage bin) this summer too. I am SO over roosters. Can I get an Amen?


I've got big plans for this wall too. Would love to add cabinetry, including a tall 18" wide pantry cabinet on the right. It would perfectly cover up that ugly intercom and store the garbage bin and broom perfectly. Then a 30" wide base and upper cabinet to it's left. I'm just giddy about the prospect of having two, dare I say "junk" drawers right there and cabinets up top for kids crafty stuff. Next, we'd match our granite counters and add a white subway tile backsplash and paint the walls yellow. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Anyone have a magic wand I can wave?

So here she is again. Look at how organized this box of files makes me look.


Here's a list of my folder names, in case you wanted to know...

bills to pay
budget (our envelope system is in here)
receipts - to enter (into the checkbook)
receipts - entered (that we need to save)
to file
compassion (international)
doctor (all those well-check papers I take so long to put away)
netflix (so tired of those discs and envelopes getting lost)
paper (just printer paper for the kids to use, we never seem to have enough)
misc (so far I haven't needed to use this one since there's a space for everything now)

I've got a clipboard in the back, with my grocery list on it (now that our fridge is no longer magnetic). And behind that goes any newspapers yet to be read. In the front of the bin is my address book, envelopes, checkbook and pens. But I really should add a file for "mailing supplies" to keep the stamps and envelopes in.

And while I was at Target, I couldn't resist these cuties. Isn't this roll of giftwrap fun? I think I need to go back for more. And I can't wait to fill up these little bags with goodies for Valentine's day.


Monday, January 24, 2011

I spy a TaDa! Resell

This is a great one! Just spotted my "Darling Ducky" dress and apron set on eBay. Only 3 hours left to this auction and right now it's at $76 which is a steal.


Go right here and bid to win this one.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


...our spring collections.







Find them all right here.

I'd stay and tell you more about it, but y'all are keeping us on our toes. so you'll have to just read more in the listings. In the meantime, I'm off to Amy's where we are going to be whipping 20 Valentine tees assembly line style. Thank you all for your orders!!! The huge response just blew us away. We have been having so much fun with it that we hope to offer "Tee Time" every 6 weeks or so with a new $15 tee you can pre-order on the blog. Sound fun? Next up will be St. Pat's and then an Easter tee. Yep, I walked out of two stores yesterday with an obscene number of tees. ;)

One last thing. Feast your eyes on the perfection that is Amy's handiwork. Here stripes are so perfectly lined up that you can barely see the side seam in our close-up.


Amy. you. are. amazing!

You will not find a more perfectly made pair of ruffle knit pants on Etsy. We've also lowered our prices and added a size guide in our "Policy" section to make ordering even easier.

Ok, gotta run...tees are calling.
(And so is that bag of peanut M&M's I'm bringing with me. ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I just can't stop myself

Oh dear, I can't seem to stop myself from showing you peeks
of one of our many new pieces coming up.
What has gotten in to me?
I'm sure you're bored with me by now.

Would you rather hear how potty training is going?
I didn't think so. ;)


Ok, this is the last time you'll see him until Saturday.
I think.
But don't hold me to that.

Retro Valentine Tees

***Pre-ordering is now closed.
You may purchase this tee in our Etsy shop.


After our photoshoot this Saturday,
we'll be listing these fun retro Valentine tees on Etsy.

But you can pre-order them here, to ship next Monday.

Just $18 each (+$2.50 to ship U.S.)

We have sizes (4/5), (6/6x) and (7/8).
*sorry nothing smaller*

Choose the card design you like best and the size tee you need
and we'll whip one up for you this week-end.




In addition to the two cards shown above, we have these 16 to choose from as well.

I even have two of most of these available.

These have been in my stash for 3 years so I doubt you'll find them anywhere else.


If you'd like one before they hit Etsy, just leave a comment and an e-mail address where I can contact you. Or you can e-mail me at

Don't wait too long to order, or the card you like best might get snatched up.

***Pre-ordering is now closed.
Visit our
Etsy shop to order your tee.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From this...


to this.


From this...


to this.


Almost done!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Too fun not to share

I've just finished the most difficult part of my day. Laying out and piecing together two sweet appliqués. Tomorrow I get to stitch them on and add all the fun little details that make it come alive. This is my favorite part of creating...watching it come together right before my eyes. Of course it doesn't just happen. Lots and lots of hours go into each creation. Truly a labor of love or I wouldn't do it.

Since writing my appliqué tutorial I've figured out that it's beneficial to piece them together separate from the item it's going on. I find this much easier to do when there are so many tiny pieces. Long handled tweezers really help too. That way, should I make a mistake it's much easier to correct at this stage. I keep the backing on as much as possible and peel and lift and place all th piece one by one, ironing them in place, until it's finished.
This morning I started drawing out all the little pieces that make up the whole drawing.


And by 9:30 tonight I had this...

Isn't his black bow just the cutest? That's going to be fun to satin stitch over! You may think I'm kidding,
but I'm serious. I love that part.

Ok, so it didn't actually take all day. We went to church, had lunch, Amy stopped by for a fitting and later, dinner with another family. It just felt like it took all day.

*Oops, looks like a lost the black piece inside the heel. Note to self: cut a new one.

With all the layers in this one I'm definitely going to pull out the needle nose pliers to help pull my embroidery needle through. Do you think that's what they had in mind when they invented that tool? Needle nose pliers? I should add that to my favorite tools list. It sure saves my fingers.

Amy and I are putting the finishing touches on ten new pieces this week. Eeek!
And our photoshoot is this Saturday. Double eeek!

What's in my sewing box {Favorite tools}


Next to my seam ripper, these are my most used sewing tools. And my favorites.

Pinking shears: everyone should have a pair. And they should certainly be pink. Don't you just love the name? They are a must for trimming a curved seam in a bodice, where you can't serge the fabric. Who wants to end up with a stringy mess after it's washed and risk that the stitching comes loose? Not me!

Quilting needles: those large pins with the yellow ends are THE best pins ever. I used to be a believer in only the little ones (on the right), until I saw Amy using them. She started out as a quilter first. You can find these with the quilting notions. They are much thinner than the old standard. Initially I thought to myself "Why would anyone use such huge pins? Don't you get stuck all the time?" But then I found myself at her house, without my own trusty pin box and I was slowly converted. I even ended up taking a few home with me and within days I found myself reusing them over and over. Little pins are a thing of the past.

Dear big pins, I love you.
Love, me.

A sliding metal ruler thingy: only THE best invention EVER! My mom used this when she taught me to sew. And everytime I misplace it (I have several), I feel lost. Try not to step on itthough, because once it's bent the slide thingy gets loose and doesn't work so well. Here, see it in action. This is so much better than fighting with a long tape measure that wants to keep falling off the ironing board or feels sticky around your neck. Or is that just me?


So next time you find yourself in the notions isle and everything is 50% off, pick yourself up some new gadgets. You'll thank me. And if you already have all of these, give yourself a big pat on the back. You are a sewing rock star. ;)

What's your favorite sewing tool?

*p.s. That nursery rhyme fabric is extremely hard to find. I think I may have bought the last yardage out there. If you are looking for cute fabrics, my favorite on-line shops as of late are Etsy and Search Alexander Henry, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and Michael Miller to see what's out there. When you find something you like, then look at everything else in that shop. Happy shopping!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Got you, Mommy"

The sweetest thing happened.

And I will never forget it.


I was sitting folding laundry as Sam made his way to me through the stacks. He stood behind me and flung his little body onto my back. Wrapped his sweet chubby baby-but-really-a-BIG-boy arms around my neck and said in my ear "Got you, Mommy" with a giggle.

Be still my heart!

There are no photographs. There are no videos.

But the memory will forever be burned into my heart.

So when it's 1am and you can't sleep, but you lie there thinking of a friend on the homecoming of their new babe. You know the Lord is asking you to pray.

"Lord, I pray that all is well for Jenn tonight.

That she is savoring every moment,

every breath, every tear and every giggle.

I look forward to the day when she can hear her son's sweet voice say

"Got you Mommy."

...and so much more...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

On my hoop {Sneak Peek}

Oh, Mother dear, see here, see here...


Saturday, January 8, 2011

For once I'm ahead of the game!

After making a blog header from Sarah's easy tutorial I thought I would make our own Valentine's this year. This will be the first year that the girls have a large group to pass Valentine's out to. Even though they are in different classrooms, I thought I'd make it simple and use my favorite photo of both of them together. I think this is the last photoshoot I had with my camera, before it broke. *sigh*

First try isn't too bad. Kind of cute. I like the direction it's going, but something is missing. Needs more color to balance the cookies.


There, now this is better. Almost perfect.


The pink background is a little too dark. But I'm not changing it. It's plenty good enough, she says to her perfectionistic (is that a word?) self. Wanna take bets on whether this gets redone. again. ;)

I'm going to use Jenn's idea (who by the way is with her son right now, to bring him home - insert happy dance here) and cut slits to insert suckers. I'll print these as 4x6's.

Valentine's Day cards on the cheap. Love it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet Tweet {Just Listed}

This week has been a trip down memory lane for me. Hard to believe it was over two years ago (was it actually three?) that I took these photos. The girls were just itty bitty, weren't they? Well, between what I had left in my stash and what I've scouted out, I have enough fabric to offer this collection at least once more (maybe twice, depending on what goes first). So excited! I'd LOVE to make these again. And looking at them now, I'm struck by how they look like something I'd still design brand new today. You wouldn't say "oh, those were SO two years ago, " would you? ;)

Click here for the listings.

We have also added the matching Sweet Tweet and Raggedy Ann dolls to our collections. How fun for a little girl to have a Dollie that no only looks like her, but is dressed like her too. *swoon*