Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

All the earth will sing your praises
by Paul Baloche

You lived, you died
You said in three days you would rise
You did, you’re alive
You rule, you reign
You said your coming back again
I know, you will

All the earth will sing your praises
All the earth will sing your praises

You took, you take our sins away, oh God
You give, you gave your life away for us
You came down, you saved us through the cross
Our hearts are changed because of your great love

I just love this song and I was thrilled that we got to sing it in church this morning. It couldn't be more perfect for Easter Sunday, the most important day of remembrance throughout the year. If you were anywhere near me in the upper, upper balcony, you wouldn't have seen me clapping my hands or moving hardly at all. But that's just because I am rhythmically challenged. If I do either of those things, then my singing is thrown off. And the words are so powerful all I wanted to do was sing my little heart out. So maybe I'm a little off one else cares. I like to imagine that to God my voice, singing His praises, is beautiful to Him no matter how it sounds to me (or anyone else). And inside I'm clapping my hands, doing a little dance and singing so joyfully I could burst!

Happy Resurrection Day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where is Spring?

We've hit another milestone. It may seem silly to you, but getting Emily to wear piggie tails was no easy task. She usually objects (well runs away as fast as she can) saying "No get owies!" I decided it was finally time to try it again. I made a big deal out of wearing piggie tails and helped her look in the mirror to see them. She even kept them in for church on Sunday.

Notice that she's holding her "Pink Baby" (yes that is really her name too). She rarely leaves home without her. She will even strap her in to the booster seat at the table for most meals and helps Pink Baby fold her hands to pray too. She is such a good little Mommy. :)


As you can see, just 4 short days ago we were running around outside without coats on. Surely spring was right around the corner. Then today we woke up to a thick frosting of snow on the tress. Now don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous and all, but come on, Easter is this week. This is the kind of scene I love to wake up to on a sleepy December morning, not when I'm itching for spring to arrive.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet Tweet

I am so excited to offer you my “Sweet Tweet” collection. I loved getting to finally cut into my all time favorite fabrics from Heather Baily’s “Freshcut” line. And I am also in love with the little birdie print I found which inspired so many of these pieces.

So without further adieu....


Thanks for taking a peek!

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Crib For Three

Last week I was lamenting the fact that we no longer have a rocking chair in the girls bedroom (much needed storage space took it's place) and the nearest couch is surrounded by toys, so that's counter-productive for a bedtime routine. The girls are still in cribs, so it's not like we can all curl up on a bed to read stories, sing songs, talk, cuddle and pray each night. So...I decided to climb in with them! And they loved it!

The mere mention of it at dinnertime is greeted with squeals of delight and they quickly finish eating to trot off to bed. Besides the great bonding time and songs by request (last night it was Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh), I figure it's good practice for camping this summer which we are sure to do. The other night A didn't want me to get out, she kept trying to put the covers back over me as I was leaving. And last night when A was scooped up and taken back to her bed, E threw her arms around my neck as we said our prayers. These are the moments I will remember for ever.

Here's our happy little nest. If it looks odd to you, it's because we bought crib tents that fit inside the crib and under the mattress with a zip up tent on top (thus the practice for camping I mentioned). I must say it has been a great investment into the continuation of the much needed afternoon nap!