Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Outfits

I was so glad to find I had enough Swell fabric left to make the girls Easter dresses this year. Actually it's the check and the polka I was running low on, but I was able to make it work. I'm trying to use up my stash so I can justify some new fabrics I've been drooling over.


They turned out pretty simple and I'm really surprised that I didn't work in some ric rac. That's so not like me! I think I was just being lazy. I'm allowed, aren't I? And sometimes simple is just sweeter.
Yeah, that's it. ;)


I made some fun ruffle pants to go with the dresses because Easter in MN usually isn't very warm. Except this year. It's 75* out today! We'll probably lose the pants on Sunday which will be fine with me because then you'll actually be able to see their fun polka dot shoes.


The dress pattern is this one over on YCMT. It was super easy to put together and I've got plans to make the top version soon. it came together in a snap. but not until I had Amy print the pattern pieces on her printer, I couldn't get them to scale from my printer. Make sure you always measure their little 1" square to make sure it really is a 1" square. Do that before you cut anything out! You'll only make that mistake once.


The pants are Sandi Henderson's Ruffle Pants. Be warned, I think they run quite slim. In a month or so I plan to shorten them to capri length with a shorter ruffle (I'll cinch them up on the outside seam) to wear with some fun new tops I'm planning to make. A variation on my Cherry Lemonade pieces. I love it when things serve a dual purpose. This is also why I kept them very simple.



I am lovin' this photo. Except for that soccer net behind our neighbor's shed. Would it be rude of me to move it? Probably, because then they'd see it from their house. Rats!





Happy Resurrection Day!
We are ready to look our best this Sunday.

p.s. We are off to Target. I accidentally ate all the M&M's for the kids Easter baskets. And I just realized that Sam doesn't have a basket yet...Oops!


Mama B said...

The girls and the dresses are adorable!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Super sweet as always, Angel ... and perfect for whatever weather Mother Nature has in store for us this year.

Enjoy your Easter weekend ... and those emergency M&Ms.

Amber said...

They are so gorgeous....not that I expected anything different :) The girls will look just adorable on Easter! I love the green polka dot fabric...matches perfect. I still have the YCMT pattern on my list of ones to buy...makes me really want to buy it now.

Lula Bee Boutique said...

angel, the girls look adorable as usual!!! Love the outfits too!!! I made those Snady H pants last year and YES, forget slim, they were just plain tight on London and my little niece.

Heather L. said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful dresses!!!

Happy Easter!

holly_rapley said...

I removed the soccer net.

Jessica said...

Sweet pics of the girls!! Love the vintage wash. Their outfits are too cute...and did I spot a couple of those buttons I sent ya on the yo-yo's? :) Happy Easter!

Lisa said...


Angel said...

Thanks everyone!

Jessica, you have a good eye, those are the same buttons. The color was perfect for the dresses.

Thanks Holly, I love it!