Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sample Sale!

*Wow! That was fast, they sold in 2 hours with the "buy it now" option.
So sorry to anyone that missed out!

I finally took the plunge and decided that we can live without my Darla Ducky samples. *gasp* This was a hard decision to make because I love them so. But I also kind of cringe every time I see them since I remember all too well how it felt to be kicked out of the Conservatory where we took photos, all because I couldn't get a certain someone to stop picking the flower petals. *bows head in shame* But alas, I am also comforted by the fact that I know how to make these again. Ya think? So really it should have been an easy decision.

Oh and since my Tuesday didn't come with enough troubles of their own (Emily is sick again, not keeping food down), I thought I'd make this really confusing. The aprons you see modeled below actually belong to the opposite outfits. Genius, I know! The umbrella ducky goes with the dress and the cake ducky with the blouse. Back when I offered these last Easter, I gave the winning bidders a choice for the design of their aprons. Anyway, I think I've made it clear in the auctions about what goes with what. But why, oh why, did I have to go make things so complicated? I may just be losing my mind after-all.

*These are both 5 day auctions, ending this Sunday afternoon.
I will also ship via Priority mail to ensure delivery by Easter.

Jeans, blouse and apron set found {here}.

This blouse actually still fits Emily. The jeans however don't, they are a size 3T.

Jumper and apron set found {here}.


Heather L. said...

Those are absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I wish my girls were still at the age where they could (or rather, WOULD!) wear things like that. So, so sweet!

Amber said...

It is so hard to part with our kids things :) At least another girl or girls will get to enjoy them!

Jessica said...

These are some of my faves! Grace is wearing hers to the school's Easter Egg Hunt this year :)

I wished I would have seen these go up for auction! We have a little friend that would have loved the jean set. Will you send out an email blast to old newsletter subscribers if you list any other resells? Thanks!!

Angel said...

I sure will Jessica. I sent one for these sets and the moment it hit, they both sold with BIN. I had no idea they'd go so fast!

Jessica said...

Silly me - I see that email now! Yay for the quick sell! :)

So sorry to hear that Emily is back under the weather. I will pray for her to feel better and for you guys to catch a break from all the yuckies.



love,love the ducky apron! And the dress ADOREABLE!