Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guess what?

The shop is open!
You will find some Raggedy Ann pieces and of course TaDollies.
Find me {here}.


Amber said...

ekkkk look how little the girls were! So cute! Love the cute Raggedy Ann cup in the last photo on your listing. Adorable! I was just telling Jessica last night that a Raggedy Ann party would be fun for Grace's bday :)

Jessica said...

Anything Easter-y??? ;)

Angel said...

Looking through the album I have these photos in made me really nostalgic yesterday. Hard to beleive they were ever so little.

Jessica, nope, this will be it for a while. I'm still not able to get into it full-swing, just dabbling my toes a little bit this month. :)

Amber said...

Good try Jessica :)

Jessica said...

Oh, I completely understand!! Time has not been my friend lately :( I was hoping my mom and I would be able to tackle a vintage-inspired sewing project for Easter but not sure that's going to happen with everything going on right now. I haven't been seeing any sweet styles that I've loved for Grace so if you spot something, let me know!!

Debbie B said...

Cute clothes., but priceless sweet little girl photo. Love the look on her face!