Friday, June 24, 2011

Custom Dress {Vintage Circus}

We've never actually had a design your own oufit, custom listing in the shop. I guess it's because we've always had enough new business to keep us as busy as we'd like to be (sometimes even more than that). I just finished up this sweet dress for a vintage circus birthday and love it.


We were so lucky to find one of what must be only 5 yards left of this fabric in all of the internets. And Moda's Hullabaloo was the perfect compliment to it. Kudos to Amy for sleuthing that one out.


The buttons are a dark steel gray/blue and are just lovely in person (not as dark as they seem in the shade here).


We won't be able to make any more design-your-own customs this summer, but our goal in the fall is to put up a listing in the shop for just that.

Hope you all have a sunny week-end!


Jessica said...

Very pretty! Love the hulabaloo with it!

Ashley said...

love it!!! do you mibd sharing what pattern you used?

Amber said...

The skirt fabric is sooo cute :) Love it!

Amanda said...

I hope the fact that you are NOT able to offer a another "design your own" this Summer is b/c I was such a pain to work with! :)...cant wait to see it in person and I thank you for all the time and the patience that you allowed me (not to mention all the help) in working on this dress together. May your business continue to flourish! Thanks again.

Angel said...

Thanks friends! Ashley, I didn't use a pattern for the bodice, just made it up. Sorry, I know that's not helpful.

Amanda, oh gosh, you were NOT a pain at all. It was fun to design this one and I can't wait to see pics of it on Miss Charlotte. We were done with customs for the summer already, but decided to sneak yours in anyway because the timing was right. I just don't know what the next couple of months will look like with my Dad's health is all.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Absolutely adorable ... the fabric is perfect.