Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the Shop {Raggedy Ann}

Raggedy Ann


red/pink check fabric is out
see description for the easy substitution
the blouse now comes with a pieced hem just like the jeans


find them all {here}


Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

LOVE!!! I think that top one is one of my favs ever!

nic said...

oh angel, this outfit is SO delightful. i adore everything you sew up!

Angel said...

Awe, thank you girlies! We've decided that we need to always have an "Ann" something or other in our shop. She's just too adorable not to.

Heidi said...

oh-my-goodness, adorable! you're so talented! so glad you popped over to read sarah's interview today.

have a great week!