Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Little Apron Love

Amy found the. most. amazing. treasure. in Pequot Lakes MN over Christmas,
while antiquing with her mom.
This gorgeous apron had to have been made for someone extra special.
We've never seen such a beauty. 
Organza and gingham!
Can you even stand it?
And the details...ahhh...the details!
Just wait until you see them!!!
 photo Apron013_zps85294a72.jpg
THE most gorgeous swiss dotted organza.

 photo Apron024_zpsc5012a74.jpg
Who ever made this actually pulled rows of thread from the fabric
and then twisted them with her stitching.
Simply breathtaking!
Think of the hours this took to make.
And those circles are not buttons, those are stiches too.

 photo Apron015_zps96c2bbeb.jpg
We have so many questions for the talented soul that made this.
Who was it for?
Was it a wedding gift?
Did you use a pattern?
What year was this made?
What other sweet things did you make?
I bet she's a quilter too.
Wouldn't it have been fun to be able to sit in her kitchen and talk sewing over a cup of coffee?
Makes us wonder what people might ask about us should anything we make end up in their hands decades from now.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous! Great find, Amy!! I often wonder the same thing while looking at all the handmade treasures at estate sales! Especially when I see old photos in the piles of stuff being sold. Sort of breaks my heart all at the same time too.

iluvlace said...

Why would someone not want to keep this family heirloom?! I wonder this each time I find a treasure! I have no family heirlooms so when I find something as beautiful as this little apron I keep it in my personal collection. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.