Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listing Listing Listing

Now that our little guy is here, I'm finally ready to let go of the girls' outgrown clothing. This is my first chance to list their fall/winter clothing, that I've been hanging on to, some for years. I've got 45 listings up so far and I'm only through 12-18 mos. I hope to get the rest of it listed throughout the rest of the day, and tonight. The 18-24, 2T, 3T, Boutique and a pair of pink Bear Feet flower power shoes are still to come.

To shop, hop on over here.

If you search by newly listed, you'll see that I've tried to keep them in order by size and type, to make looking a bit easier fr you.

Here's a representation of what you'll find so far.



Jessica said...

Too cute! Hope you do great with all the resells!! Too bad Grace wears the same size as E & A do right now :O I do love the orange and ivory capelet sets - SO, SO CUTE!!!

Kori said...

The girls need to be bigger then kaci HAHA! You were one motivated momma- It will feel so good to have it all sold and cleared out :)