Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Retro Valentine Tees

***Pre-ordering is now closed.
You may purchase this tee in our Etsy shop.


After our photoshoot this Saturday,
we'll be listing these fun retro Valentine tees on Etsy.

But you can pre-order them here, to ship next Monday.

Just $18 each (+$2.50 to ship U.S.)

We have sizes (4/5), (6/6x) and (7/8).
*sorry nothing smaller*

Choose the card design you like best and the size tee you need
and we'll whip one up for you this week-end.




In addition to the two cards shown above, we have these 16 to choose from as well.

I even have two of most of these available.

These have been in my stash for 3 years so I doubt you'll find them anywhere else.


If you'd like one before they hit Etsy, just leave a comment and an e-mail address where I can contact you. Or you can e-mail me at

Don't wait too long to order, or the card you like best might get snatched up.

***Pre-ordering is now closed.
Visit our
Etsy shop to order your tee.


Marcia said...

These are SO sweet Angel!
I'd love one for Audrey...the "A" if it's still available or my second choice would be the "Q" one. :)
Size 4/5


Young Adventures... said...

So cute Angel! I wish Katie was still "little". :)

derrickandamy said...

These are precious. I would love to have the the V or 2nd choice K for my valentine! Size 4/5.

Amanda said...

I love these! I'm jealous of all you girl having people out there! :)

Great job! {I'm wishing you lots of sales!}


Amber said...

Oh I love the little lamb!!! Can I send a shirt to ahve it put on :)

Buckman Family said...

Hi - My sister at Young Adventures emailed me to look at your site and order one of the t shirts for my daughter Mira! How cute!! Of course i will take one with the M. You can contact me at Thanks!