Friday, June 24, 2011

Custom Dress {Vintage Circus}

We've never actually had a design your own oufit, custom listing in the shop. I guess it's because we've always had enough new business to keep us as busy as we'd like to be (sometimes even more than that). I just finished up this sweet dress for a vintage circus birthday and love it.


We were so lucky to find one of what must be only 5 yards left of this fabric in all of the internets. And Moda's Hullabaloo was the perfect compliment to it. Kudos to Amy for sleuthing that one out.


The buttons are a dark steel gray/blue and are just lovely in person (not as dark as they seem in the shade here).


We won't be able to make any more design-your-own customs this summer, but our goal in the fall is to put up a listing in the shop for just that.

Hope you all have a sunny week-end!

Friday, June 3, 2011

New for summer! {embroidered apron dress}

Oh dear,
you in for a treat!

This is our second favorite dress...EVER!
Seriously, only Raggedy Ann can beat this little beauty.

See for yourself...


White eyelet...our new favorite embellishment.



A great big thank you to our dear friend, Jessica, for asking us to
design a dress around the vintage ribbon she found.


And wouldn't ya know, she pairs perfectly with
our red and white striped knit ruffles too. ;)


Find this beauty in our {shop}.