Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The final four TaDollies have flown the coop.

These four beauties are leaving today. Two little boys will be adopted soon from Ethiopia, by two Moms in waiting that are good friends. I love that they will each have a built in little buddie in each other.
And two little girls will soon be holding their new friends. They are as cute and bubbly as I'm sure their namesakes are.
Thank you to everyone who has supported my little business by ordering dolls these past couple of months. You got us through a challenging time and I enjoyed making every single one of them.
I made 16 dolls in the past 3 months!
 photo LastDolls005_zpsd9d3a99a.jpg
A few weeks ago, these gorgeous ladies graduated college together. Abby gave her best friends a doll to match their personality and her mom gave Abby one to keep as well. They have a lifetime of friendship before them. I pray that they will continue to uphold each other and be one another's biggest fan.

*Sydney, Grace, Abby and Jazz

Dolls are done! Next it's on to poodle skirts for our VBS play. But that's after a six day trip to Mississippi, by way of St. Louis and Memphis, with my mom for my cousin's wedding. I am looking forward to lots of great fellowship, food, fun, sun and sleep! And hearing about the adventures David and the kids have while I'm gone. ;)