Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three Little Pigs

My last OOAK sun-dress, sized to fit 3T/4T.
Chest measures 24.5" so it may also fit a slim 5T.
Overall length is 23" but I can shorten it
or move the buttons to lengthen the straps.

You can find it here.



For almost 3 years now, I have enjoyed sharing my TaDa! Creations with you. But all good things must come to an end. I didn't expect that putting up this last listing would make me feel so sad. It's so final and permanent, it's well...The End. I admit that I've changed my mind a thousands times a day, but I remain steadfast to my commitment to get my family back on track.

So, thank you to all of you who have supported me with words of encouragement all this time and especially in my last post. You are all so dear to me and your friendship is invaluable. Thank you to all of my dear sweet customers who have made sewing for them a true delight. Thank you to my husband who has always supported my decisions (now more than ever LOL) and who never asked me to give it up. I love you Honey!


kandy said...

I think it is sad too :(
I give you kudos for being able to make that decision.
It's a hard one that's for sure!
I hope there are many new and exciting things waiting for you and your family on the next horizon.


PiaTillys Boutique said...

Aaww, you will be missed! But you're right~they're only young once. Enjoy every minute of it!! Congrats on everything you've already accomplished and good luck in all your future accomplishments! Take care! :)


Kori said...

Super cute!

Jenn said...

I haven't regretted my decision one day and I have a feeling you won't either. Your sewing machine will always be there...waiting for you to sit down and enjoy it...but your children won't :) Enjoy them!!!!

take a bow Jenn

April said...

Aaaaack! I don't know what it is but I instantly felt a kindred spirit in you... imagine my sweet surprise to read your bio and see that we are sisters-in-Christ!

Bless you, Friend, on your new endeavors. I have your dress on my eBay 'watch' to see the final outcome. Your sewing work is BEAUTIFUL - yes, I looked close, too! Wow! I hope to read more of your sewing... I assume you will still make lovely things for your little lovelies. :)

TaDa! Creations said...

Thank you ladies!

Already today I've found myself feeling much more relaxed. This is definitely a change for the better!

I will definitely keep sewing for my kids. I have a whole closet full of fabric and notions. I've been looking into some patterns for Sam too. :)


Jennifer Paganelli said...

very sweet