Monday, October 6, 2014

Whatever Craft Weekend {May 2014}

It's time to get this blog rolling again. Let's see if I can remember how to do this. Ha!

I promised you a recap of my time at Whatever Craft Weekend so here it is...five months later. *hangsheadinshame*

Such a fun group of women made up May 2014's Craft Weekend. I felt privileged to be able to attend. I can't even tell you how exciting it was to get the e-mail from Kimberlee that my name had been picked (By the way, you need to go make every one of the recipes on Kimberlee's blog this week. You'll thank me later.). Promise. And when she said there were a few extra spots available for us to invite friends, well I said a little prayer and contacted Jessica and Amber ASAP. Within an hour we were all booked! I highly recommend attending with friends. I'm naturally shy around new people so I don't think I would have had nearly as much fun. Plus, getting to finally meet Amber in person was such a thrill. She also got to meet Jessica in person for the first time as well. The three of us have been internet friends for years. Love this creative community. Jessica's been up to see me twice already, so it's definitely my turn to visit her next.


Amber decided to fly from OH to MN on Monday of that week to extend her little vacation. I'm so so glad she did. We spent so many hours just talking and having fun, the week went by way too fast. In fact on the drive down to KS we were going to be an hour early so we weren't feeling rushed when we stopped for lunch. Wouldn't you know we got to talking so much that we ended up being an hour late to Meg's house. Oops! We had so much to talk about we never even turned the radio on for the 8 hour drive there and back either. I so wish this sweet girl lived closer. We'd be inseparable. *sigh* 


I had so much fun showing her around my town. We walked around Lake Harriet, one of my favorite places in Minneapolis. My highschool was just a couple of blocks from here. Ate at a couple of fun restaurants and walked every floor of the Mall of America.


And of course I took her to my favorite Antique shop close to me.


When we finally got to Meg's we had such a blast catching up with Jessica. The three of us shared a room all to ourselves. Loved staying up late talking with these two lovely ladies.


 Thanks Meg for the group photo.

 photo WCW163_zps4e0ab2b9.jpg

Jessica was such a dear and bought us all matching leather cuffs. *swoon*
 photo WCW175_zps8825dffc.jpg

Couldn't leave out Amber's quilty find. It's was so darling and on her list of things to get.
Glad she found one.


A few of the treasures I found to bring home. Unfortunately the glass didn't make it in one piece.  
I'll be on the lookout for more here in MN. Love the rainbow design.


Oh, don't let me forget to show you what I did to this chair. It's super cute now and sitting at my cutting table. And that little cupboard is now holding jewelry in my bedroom. 


My Whatever Craft Apron has a fun spot to hang in my kitchen now. 


 Moving on to Meg's house...I neeeeed that chandy for my bedroom.

 photo WCW600_zps98cc03e4.jpg

I'm dubbing Meg's house the House of Garlands. There are just soooo many. It's chalk full of inspiration. I now want to hang some in every room of my house.
In fact you can find some Amy and I are selling for Halloween over in {our shop} right now.


 We learned how to make our own pom poms and I am officially addicted.

 photo WCW085_zps1a55412f.jpg

 This one pictured below was in our room. Love the spools of thread on there. Genius!


 Oh! I need a strand of bulb lights too!


Oh Hi!


 Loved her huge canvas prints all around the house.


 And of course the hoop art.

 photo WCW084_zps69b7f032.jpg

Fun to see my pal Sarah on her chalkboard as well.
We've known each other since the 7th grade. :) Everybody say "Hi Sarah!"

 photo WCW113_zps1b35aa7d.jpg

 This sign is the best.


I will have a map like this over my piano some day. I want to put little flags in all the places our family visits. A fun visual of happy road trips together.


On my list to make now is a pillow like this Paisley Sprouts one. Isn't it delicious?
My favorite quilt shop just started carrying Kona solids. Can't wait to go snatch some up.


"Grace Finds Goodness in Everything"
It sure does.


 photo WCW090_zps03dfe5fe.jpg

Craft Weekend really was the getaway I needed. I came home feeling ready to take on this new stage of life (turning 40, kids all in school). Ready to live a creative life. Thanks Meg, for having us in your lovely craft house. It was an honor. And thank you Amber and Jessica for making it a fabulous trip from start to finish.

  photo WCW119_zpsa618a20a.jpg

  photo 1-Angel amp Amy Signature-001_zpsq3vngnq4.jpg

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Sarah said...

Just reading this…. how fun that I'm in a picture there:) I didn't know that! Glad you had fun, and that you're blogging again.