Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Squinky Rescue Mission

She's got a soft heart just like her mama.
She is on a rescue mission of her own.
There was a flood of tears tonight, no doubt brought on by the 7 o'clock hour which happens with some frequency. But now she has a plan to find her missing Squinky on the bus tomorrow. I had to explain that no, we could not go search the parking lot tonight. And I've already prepared her for the real possibility that her tiny little Squinky may not be found on the bus at all.  
Learning lessons about taking care of your belongings is tough when you are seven. Hopefully she will think twice before bringing her favorite things to school in the future.

 photo Squinky004_zps8408b64b.jpg
*Her last two Squinkies miss their other buddie.
At least we ended our discussion with a plan.
She asked to go to bed in tomorrow's clothes, to ensure we don't miss the bus in the morning. But I told her that was taking it too far. Instead, she is laying out her clothes to get dressed first thing. She decided all on her own to write down her plan so she doesn't forget what we discussed. There is a real possibility that the bus driver won't let her stay to look very long. She's prepared to stop the search if he says it's time to go.
This list is done in much the same manner that she makes plans to defeat the boys at recess

 photo Squinky002_zps15a4d0ff.jpg
I think she feels better now that she has that plan.
She's less distraught and more empowered.
She's a list maker like her mama too. ;)

**UPDATE: She found him!!!


Young Adventures... said...

Love the list, that's a keeper. Good luck in finding it!

Stacy said...

This is just too adorable. I hope she finds it!