Monday, February 4, 2013

Little People

My little people received their Grandma's collection of vintage Little People toys when she moved at Christmas. I adore all of these toys and considering how many children and grand children have enjoyed them, they are still in fairly good condition. I do still need to go buy a magic eraser and clean them up a little. But that hasn't stopped this little guy from playing with them most every morning when he is missing his sisters.

These have all been on my mental wish list when I stop at garage sales.
But I have never happened on any.
I have also been known to stalk them on ebay, never hitting the "bid" button though as they can get pricey. But now I have a reason to bid on the farm animals and fencing that are missing and some more furniture for the house.  ;)

 photo Wedding088_zps876068fa.jpg
I wish they still made toys as cute as these. The school house is my favorite. Love the bell and chalkboard in there.

 photo Wedding102_zps75255974.jpg
But you can bet which one is his favorite, with the working elevator. He usually sets up his own series of ramps out of blocks, for those high speed chases he master minds.

 photo Wedding104_zps0f3a5b6a.jpg
Love this kid!


Hannah @Supermommy!...Or Not. said...

My mom has a TON of vintage Little People stuff that I grew up playing with. SOOOO much better than the current Little People!

Jessica said...

Eeeeek! What a sweet gift!! The schoolhouse has always been my favorite. I've had to settle for the Christmas ornament replica!! There's nothing like toys from glad your grandma kept them!!

Sarah said...

Love these!!

Stacy said...

So fun! Those vintage toys have so much more character than toys these days. Your little people are so lucky!

Julie Bigboy said...

Oh I wish I still had MY grandmother's collection of these, I have no idea what happened to them. She had all of those, I loved the car garage too! :) What a special gift for your kids.

Tara said...

OMG I think I had a car garage toy like that when I was a kid!! Awesome memories!!