Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Around here {Inside TaDa!}

David was a dear and installed a second set of shelves over my cutting table last week-end.
Boo to Ikea for discontinuing the brackets on the left. The ones on the right only came in
birch-tone so I had to spray paint them. So glad to finally see them up!
My cutting table could use a white ruffled skirt all the way around and my black desk will hopefully get a coat of aqua this summer.
I finally found all of my scrapbooking scissors. The kids are loving these.
(i.e. there are lots of paper scraps all over the house)
 photo Studio009-1_zps39d2b979.jpg
Since I missed the first printing of Flea Market Fancy I couldn't resist the second.
These will become a scrappy trip around the world quilt soonish. But let's be honest, it's probably a five-year plan. ;)
I have four more half yard prints to buy. I think I'll leave out that non-FFM one on the top.  It's cute, but I prefer more color.

 photo Studio005-1_zpsc9321279.jpg
I love this photos of my girls. Oh how I wish they were just three again.

 photo Studio006-1_zps5728a5aa.jpg
This stack of fat quarters will be up for sale in the shop soonish.

 photo Studio008-1_zpscd083269.jpg
This stack will make lovely Rainbow twirl skirts. Don't ya think?

 photo Studio007-1_zps6a8cd6b7.jpg
This little adoption guy is going out to his new home tomorrow. Eeek! Isn't he sweet? His mom let me pick the fabrics. So here's a peek if she's reading. :)
And that stack there represents four more projects in the works.
It feels good to be sewing pretty things again.

 photo Studio012_zps35ee0eb1.jpg


Jessica said...

Eeeeeek!! Love everything about this post! I have a serious love for fabric stacked up all sweet :)

Especially love that sweet boy doll and I'm soooooooooooo super excited to see some of those...ahem..."projects" come to fruition - te he he.

Mandy said...

Sigh...what a happy place!

Stacy said...

So much fun in one post - shelves, Flea Market Fancy, wonderful stacks of fabric. Can't wait to see those rainbow twirl skirts!