Friday, October 12, 2012

How not to take the perfect Christmas card photo

1. Wake your youngest from a much needed nap to get dressed. In shoes that are now too small.


2. Choose a day that's 50 degrees and windy. 
3. Do it on said cold day without warm enough clothing,
such as hats, gloves, parkas, blankets, snow boots, ski masks...


4. Choose an assistant that is infinitely more fun than you so they forget to look at the camera.


5. Take photos of your own kids and not someone else's.

6. Have a mutant genetic gene that makes at least one out of three children blink in all but 2% of photos. 
Which of course is problematic if you followed point #5.

Photobucket favorite photo, but alas, the card I want to use (and already bought) only takes a vertical pose. 
I should have remembered that. And maybe I would have, if it hadn't been for points 1-6.



  photo 1-Angel amp Amy Signature-001_zpsq3vngnq4.jpg


Louise Oakden said...

What about using a small amount of scrapbooking stuff or computer bits to print the image smaller n decorate above/below/both to use that photo but alter so fits portrait???

Michelle said...

Aww, Angel! I think you need to go and buy new cards that fit the absolutely gorgeous horizontal photo at the end of your post! Your kids are so sweet! You gave me a giggle. I haven't don't Christmas photos yet, I'll remember your tips... except for the one about not taking photos of my own kids...LOL!

Debby said...

I love each and every photo!!! I keep all of our bloopers each year and do a scrapbook page with them, they really are my favorite. What sweet little ones you have.

Jessica said...

I so agree with you on #4 and #5!!! :)

And wouldn't know anything about #2, unless you flip it around to winter clothes on a HOT day - ha!

That last photo is so sweet, I vote new cards!