Monday, April 16, 2012

Good news...bad news and something cute.

Good news...yummy monster smoothies for breakfast.


Bad news...a leaky roof during a week-end of rain.

Yesterday a tornado touched just 4 cities west of us and this morning we had snow for 5 minutes. I keep telling myself, it could be worse.


At least it can only be coming from a small section of the roof (right over the front door) making the job of re-shingling about 30 sq' not so daunting. But, we need this rain to stop! We saved 2 squares (is that the lingo?) of extra shingles after we put the roof on ourselves (with the help of family) 10 years ago. Thankfully we have the tools and the knowledge to fix it. It's not leaking through our ceiling, just comes in the top of the door. Praying it's an easy fix and no serious damage has occurred.

Good news...I replaced our non-working door-bell all by myself!


Gone is the 80's intercom/doorbell that I disconnected over a year ago when I removed the main control panel while painting our kitchen. Yes, we've been without a doorbell for that long. I finally removed the old eye-sore at the front door last week and this morning at 9am I was out there in the freezing cold painting over the old spot and installing the new wireless bell.

And now for something cute!

I'm almost done with this fun outfit for the girls. I still have the coordinating set in blue and orange to make as well. The fabric is Dream On by Moda. It makes me want to take everyone on a pic nic.


The pattern (McCall's M5835) as it's not the easiest to put together for a beginner (or me, ha!). It only comes in size 4 or smaller so it really fits a 5T best and my girls are 6x going on 7. It still works, but I want to experiment with making the arm holes deeper on the next top.


And here are a pair of ruffle capris I made to mix and match a bunch of their clothes this summer. I still need to top-stitch that ruffle. The gray lace is just packaged interfacing lace you find with the ric rac.Turns out it shrinks a bit in the wash so I shouldn't have sewn it down along the bottom edge. I'll just remove that line of stitching and they'll be good to go.


I've got a lot on my plate this week, but all I really want to do is read. I'm on book 4 out of 8 of the Mitford series by Jane Karon. Someone recently told me that their grandmother read all of those. Ha! So I like books about an almost-retired Episcopalian priest. I really am enjoying them though. She's a good story teller.


Amber said...

Ahhhh Dream On....I just ordered a layered cake and charm pack for the baby's quilt. Now to decide what pattern to use :)

That pattern is horriable isn't it! I ended up shrinking down the bodice piece to make it more narrow. Then I sewed the bodice w/ the flutter sleeves sandwiched. I then finished the arm holes (which I think I made deeper), gathered the skirt and attached to bodice like I would on a knot style dress and finished it with the serger. Then top stitched. Does that make sense???? I have made two and it seems to be the easiest way.

We haven't had a door bell for a few years :)

betsy joseph said...

ok, we haven't had a doorbell for at least 3 years, so you should be proud that you only went for a year :)

and... i love the mitford books! i used to listen to them on CD when i was painting our house! my husband used to laugh (and still does) and i am not allowed to listen to them on road trips unless he is sleeping :)

she also has a newer series about father time when he was growing up, but i've gotten too impatient because she doesn't put the next books out quick enough :)

have you read any of karen kingsbury's books?!

Mona @ la la by mona said...

So glad to hear your bad news wasn't that of your family getting hit by the tornado! I live in Texas (Tornado Alley) and a large tornado touched down a few weeks ago just about five miles from our home. Too close for comfort. Lots of people were affected but miraculously, there were only minor injuries and no fatalities. This is going to be a crazy spring. On a brighter note, love your new creations - very inspiring!

Jessica said...

Both my mom and I had leaky roofs recently with the super heavy rain - no fun! Ours weren't too bad - hope yours is an easy fix as well!

Love A & E's flutter tops in Dream On!! My mom made that same pattern for Grace's "clementine" top last spring and said NEVER AGAIN - Ha! I think it was the way the flutter sleeves attached to the bodice or something...she said she had to trim down when attaching. I cut the same pattern in DS County Fair and it's still sitting there, right alongside the Nelle in Barn Dandy waiting for the Sewing Fairy to sprinkle some pixie dust and call it done! ;)

So fun to see some new sewing from your talented hands!

Lee said...

Love all of your somethings cute!

Holly said...

Maybe since your roof leaking was directly linked to a storm, then homeowner's insurance will cover it. We were hoping for a storm when our roof was getting worn.

Kelli said...

LOVE the cute outfits!! Sorry about the leaky roon....they are no fun!

Erica said...

Oh, so sorry about the roof. We had trouble with that last year... what a mess!

I love the outfits... you are one amazing lady. I wish I lived next door. ;)