Friday, April 6, 2012

Dressing Bella

My niece is going to be especially adorable this Easter.


I think this dress turned out even cuter than I had envisioned. It ended up being the perfect use for my only yard of one of my favorite Heather Bailey fabrics. I never could decide what to do with it, but when this came to mind I didn't hesitate to cut into it. I just knew it wanted to be a sweet dress for a very sweet baby girl. Ahhh...and now I see they've decided to reprint freshcut. Smart!


Love the pleats on the front and back. This is Simplicity 2668 {size M} 12-18 mos.


And look! My very first zipper installation. I tried following the pattern and even the zipper instructions on that tiny piece of cardboard. Let's just say it was going to be a hot mess. Then I remembered I had pinned this {tute} a while back. What a life saver! It worked perfectly.


Bring on the zippers!


We ran out of time to work on the jacket we had planned. only the collar has been cut out so far. But I think I like this one even more, it's even the same color. Thank you Target for the last minute find. Now she can be cozy too.


I hope you love it Bella! Can't wait to see you in it on Sunday.


Marie said...

LOVE it. Heather Bailey's Freshcut will never grow old to me. I love it and your handiwork is fantastic. Nice job on the zipper. Is this an original pattern?

Angel said...

Thanks! This is Simplicity 2668.

Kimberly said...

It is so cute! I have this pattern waiting for me, but was dodging it because of the zipper. :) You may have given me the courage I need!

Michelle said...

I love this dress, it's so pretty! I can't believe that is your first zipper, it looks perfect!

melissa said...

that turned out great! i've been steering clear of dresses because of the zipper. i am going to give this one a try for my two little darlings!

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Such a beautiful dress and that coat matches perfectly (gotta love Target!) Great job!

Happy Easter to you and your family!