Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Doll Quilts

I finally made some progress on the girls' doll quilts. Aren't they fun?


I had these 200 squares cut out from my scraps, well before Christmas, but just never found time to sew them together. Yesterday I got both of these sewn up in just a couple of hours. I was surprised at how fast it went especially since I haven't sewn anything since November. It felt good.


Each top will measure 20"x20" when finished. There are 10 rows and 10 columns of 2" squares. That means that for each top I cut out 100 2.5" squares and used a 1/4" seam allowance.


Although I haven't decided on the binding yet, it will likely be 1/2" wide which means the quilt will actually measure 20.5" x 20.5" since the outside edge seam allowance will be inside the binding. I'm not crazy about the fact that those squares along the edges will be a different size than the inside squares. But, hey, it's just a doll quilt.


And seeing as how I've never actually finished a quilt before, I'll just be happy to get these done and usable. I plan to quilt this by machine in a random swirliness (is that a word?). I'll save the hand quilting for my Pop Garden quilt later.

Time to switch gears for a few days. My sister in law is coming this Thursday for the first of six sewing lessons (our Christmas gift to her). I love that she wants to learn and can't wait to give her the low-down on sewing for her little girl.



Merrianne Nesbitt said...

The talent you have is unending!...
I can boast a bit, knowing you come from six generations of women that sew. Great Grandma Rosella could make square quilts by hand. (The tedious squares so lovingly and tirelessly placed taking over a year to complete. Angel you are making similar handstitching on dress apron, like Great Grandma and Grandma sewed. The colors choosen and placed in combinations are more than beautiful. Oooh! Auntie

Sarah said...

Love these. These are so adorable. I made my nieces quilts for their dolls long ago. But they weren't quite as cute as these :)