Friday, February 3, 2012

What I've been up to...

1. I printed {this}. Now I just need to decide where to hang it.


2. Our old dining room table got a new life as the craft table downstairs. I stapled a cherry printed oilcloth to the top to add some cheeriness to the room and cover the stained light oak top. The old shelf from the kitchen added some needed storage and a wire curtain rod from Ikea became a fun place to hang kids art work (we just need to go through the art bucket or make some new art). I also found a mug rack at Goodwill for $3 that will get spray painted this spring and become a holder for all the fancy scrapping scissors I have.


3. I have finished the fronts of 2 out of 6 Christmas stockings for next year. In case you are wondering, the 6th is for my mom. :) Every year I think "Oh, yeah. We don't have cute stockings for everyone that match, I should get on that." We've been using cheap $1 stockings for 3 of us for the past 2 years. Since we don't have a mantel to hang them on I didn't really care. Every year I find that October is too late to be starting this project. Ya think? But it's hard (at least for me) to work on Christmas projects in the summer. So this year I'm starting early. Only 4 more to go!


The snowman is mine because it reminds me of the little guy on the tree skirt my mother made years ago. I'm waiting to add names and hanging loops until they are all finished and I decide what to use for a lining. I plan to make all those finishing details match.


The gingerbread house is Allison's. She loves, loves, loves candy!


I had bought our stocking kits last year {search Bucilla on eBay} and then decided that they weren't vintage enough and they had too much navy blue in them. So this year I found even older ones and I'm much happier about their look. I'll share the rest as they are completed.

These are quite simple to make, just time consuming. The snowman took 15 hours and I stopped counting the hours for Allison's after I hit 20 and still had a ways to go. And these aren't even done yet! So if you ever contemplate buying an already completed stocking on Etsy, just know you are getting a good deal. *wink*

4. I made 14 tea towels for Christmas gifts this year (various designs). But this little birdie was one of my faves. She's the first in a set of 7. The rest will be coming to those same friends at other times throughout the next year or two. So that's one of my projects to work on after the stockings are finished.


5. And I love these little birdies carrying the "joy" banner. Inspired by my friend {Amber}, who sent me this word on an adorable mug rug last year. I think these would make cute teacher gifts at the end of the year. I'm going to teach my girls how to embroider this spring.

This one in particular, I made for David's grandma Sofie. It's already made it's way back to me. Just 3 weeks ago she was put on hospice back home in Big Fork (4 hours north of us), only to find that the Dr. had misread her scan. She is now off of hospice and moved to a nursing home down here. But in the meantime her belongings have been sorted/packed and divided and her apartment let go. We hope to visit her again soon, but have all been sick this week (as in no school since Tuesday).


6. I placed my first Matilda Jane order this week. I've only ordered for myself in the past. Now that TaDa! is closed (yep, I'm done for good *sniff*sniff*). I've had a difficult time motivating myself to sew clothing. I'm sure it will come back once these beautiful pieces arrive though. Especially since I found {this} pattern to make some cute coordinating dresses with. Oh and while I'm on the subject of patterns, here are two more seriously cute dresses I may have to invest in quickly since they only go to size 6.

Here are the five pieces we've got coming...


I think those red striped shorties are adorable with that sweet top. The lilac dress is a favorite with both my girls. I have one more dress and a pair of leggings to order with their 2nd launch next month. It will be fun to have adorable clothing this spring and summer, that I didn't have to make. Yay! I'm also thinking that these will last us two years because of their easy fit.

7. We are signing the girls up for both softball and soccer this spring. I think we are a little crazy. We will have games Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. Oh and dance is still on Tuesdays and church on Wednesday too. Yikes! We'll do it again in the fall and then they need to decide which sport they prefer. It will be an adventure, that's for sure.

8. On a more personal level, my mom and I both joined a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group and are loving it. I've also been reading through the Bible from front to back. I've never actually done that and I finally figured out why. Until last year I always had a study Bible. Those are much thicker than just the text. And to look at it, it's pretty daunting to think of reading the whole thing. Well, I recently purchased a smaller Bible so I cold have one to fit in my purse to bring to church. I looked at it one day and thought "Hmmm, there's no reason I can't read that one cover to cover." I'm halfway through Judges right now, which is the 7th book in the Old Testament. In the past I've always given up somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd. So, if you've always wanted to but it felt like it was too big a task, just get yourself a smaller bible. It makes a difference! Who knew?

9. I highly recommend the site I wouldn't track calories any other way. They have a seriously huge database of everything you would ever eat, including restaurants. And if you have a fancy phone it would be even easier for you. Totally free, just need to create a user id and you are good to go. It tells you how many calories to eat to loose weight at the rate you would like. My husband has already lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. I've only lost 3, but it's a start.

10. David just walked in the door so I'm going to take Nyquil, hibernate under the electric blanket and fall asleep reading. I neeeeeed this sore throat to go away now. Hope you have a great week-end.


Heather L. said...

I didn't realize you were closing your business. I know first hand how hard it is to balance a handmade business with a family - it definitely gets overwhelming at times!

My mom is making some of those stockings for us, and it is taking her years to do them, too. They are so time consuming, but SO pretty!

I absolutely love all of your hand stitching. That sweet little towel with the birds and the "JOY" banner is just the cutest thing! Something like that would make me very happy to look at in my kitchen. I really wish I could learn to sew like that.

Oh, and I love your new table! It looks great. What a smart idea to cover it with oilcloth.

Jessica said...

Okay, first things first...I'm dying thinking back about the cost of stockings...I think I've said the very same thing over some on etsy, but Jenn C., are you reading this??? he he he

Love the crafting space!! So bright and inviting. Just today after SIX weeks I finally got my sewing machine back from the repair shop (at least the repair was free!). I'm so READY to sew a fun Nelle with barn dandy and an Anna Tunic for me with some Denise Schmidt that I found the other day!!

The shorties were one of my favorite pieces - first time I ordered shorties, they are TDF!! The huckleberry cardi was my other surprise *love* - it's a softer shade of red and I wish I had one for myself - HA!

I love, love, love the sweet tea towel. Big puffy love! ;)

And though I know I've told you I'm 100% supportive of your TaDa! decision, can I just boo hoo a little too? *wink*

Amber said...

This post is sooo full of cuteness!!! Love the cherry cover table (I am loving cherries lately). I have been swooning of the new MJ line since Wed. (love so amny pieces). All 3 patterns are so adorable! Makes me want to go clean up my sewing room area and get busy. Now if this baby would just cooperate!

Love love love the sweet birdie w/ bunting towel! I love the word JOY and am trying to place it through out my home as a reminder :)

betsy joseph said...

oh how i wish i had a space to put so many cute and creative things like you have in your crafting space!!!! i too LOVE the cherries (i actually bought several cherry pieces from a gymboree line when elsie was first born and she has finally outgrown them :( but to my delight they just came out with some cherry pjs :))... i think i like the vintage feeling they create.... i'm also feeling pretty cool because the man fabric on the top left picture of the things you ordered is the same fabric i got to make an apron for myself and a blanket for elsie! i love it!
hope you are feeling better and enjoying your day!

betsy :)

Anonymous said...

I picked up that exact same pattern yesterday after placing my MJC order. I love that I can make fun things to supplement my orders.

I love the bird towels. i am sad to see your store go.

Sarah said...

Love your craft area! So fun. And your stockings are amazing, but I would expect nothing less from you!

Merrianne Nesbitt said...

Angel, I am absolutly thrilled reading and see your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. My heart is bursting with joy that you are spreading goodwill through your talent, hobby and wisdom. Congratulations on starting TaDa and the success is warranted. I think you will return and create again and continue to influence familes! Glad you and Mom found BFS! I loved it and committed one year.The children are so awesome! The photos spectacular in color and of course the clothes! My darling I am so proud of you and your husband. Very glad to hear about the charter school and located so close. We are planning a visit in August - hope to arrange a gathering. Love Auntie Merrianne