Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Test results showed that the tumors were benign.

Praise the Lord!

Instead of cancer, I have Hashimoto's Disease. Which basically means that my thyroid is attacking itself and will eventually stop working. I meet with an Endocrinologist in 4 weeks and we'll go from there.

I love how the Lord works. Yesterday morning sitting in lecture at BSF I felt like every word she said was meant just for me. With tears streaming down my face, I furiously took notes. I was convinced this message was preparing me to hear that I had cancer that afternoon.

from my notes...
~God puts strength in our hearts so we can triumph over trials
~God permits trials to come
~never think that trouble is an accident
~he is in control of all trials
~first he shows us how weak we are in ourselves
~when we feel strong enough, we fail miserably
~don't do "nothing" - pray, search scriptures, seek godly counsel
~God does not deliver us immediately (or even in this lifetime), or in the same way for everyone
~God is glorified through our trials
~one reason for our trials is that you and I would be channels of blessings to others (my favorite)
~no matter what the trial, God's grace is sufficient for you
~suffering can keep us transforming and perfect our character
~God has to work in us before he can work through us
~as suffering increases, God's grace increases equally
~if we could store up God's grace for emergency use we would tend to trust ourselves
~sanctification - being transformed into the likeness of Christ
~we are Jars of Clay - the cracks in the jar are what makes the treasure inside (Christ's Salvation) shine
~pride will cover up our cracks and prevent Christ from being honored
~God's competence is our confidence
~Love that leads to reconciliation produces joy that knows no bounds

For the past year, and 6 months in particular I have been overwhelmed with depression and anger. My own inner turmoil. Not a pretty site around here. To the point of seeking medical help soon, but still feeling like everything was circumstantial. I prayed that God would give me a desire for his word. And he did! In a way I never thought possible. I have been reading like there is no tomorrow and am in the middle of Job already (1/3 of the way through the Bible!). He has been changing and molding me and I feel very different. Than even just four weeks ago.

Thank you Lord for trials that bring us closer to you.
There is no where else I'd rather be.

And thank you to everyone that was praying for me. It means more than you'll know.


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh, Angel ... I am so relieved to read this news! You have been a constant in my thoughts and prayers this week. Especially yesterday as I was waiting on some routine bloodwork at my oncologist's office. I prayed that both of us would receive hopeful news, with our burdens lightened somewhat. Now it seems that yesterday was indeed a glorious day. Thank God. My markers/bloodwork looked great and now I don't need more tests for six whole months. Such a gift!

I hope these next weeks lead you to more answers and progress in both your health and spiritual journeys. I also hope you'll continue to find peace and happiness in the many little blessings that surround you daily.

I'll be keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers... XO

Sarah said...

So glad that you have some answers. How great that God's word proved tried and true during this trial. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Nancy B. said...

Praise God for answers & not cancer! I also have Hashimoto's disease, I was diagnosed in the fall of 2007. Just so happened that I had an appointment today with my endocrinologist. I have also dealt with depression & anger issues. It does get better! Feel free to email me ( if you ever have any ?'s or just want to "vent" - it will take some time figuring out the right dosage of meds, etc but eventually you will be back to feeling good again.

God has such a way of drawing his close to him, even when we seem to think we are losing it or think we are plum crazy! Praying & thinking about you!!

Blissful Blooms said...

Praise the Lord for answers! PLease know that I will continue to pray for you as you grow closer to HIM through these rocky seas. In the end, it's gonna be good!

Kelli said...

This is wonderful news! You have been in my prayers and I will keep you in them.

Heather L. said...

I don't know how I missed this update - but praise God!!! I am so happy that everything was benign! I will pray now that you will get some answers, both regarding your physical challenges and your emotional/mental ones.


Stephanie said...

Beautifully said Angel...Praise the Lord for that "no cancer" news! Praying that the journey ahead will be smooth and full of options, but grateful that no matter what the future holds, you know who holds it. Loved your notes from BSF, I was reading them and saying, "yes, yes, amen!"
Blessings to you...

Jenn said...

Praising God with you Angel! You have been on my heart a lot lately and I was so happy to read that the results weren't as scary as you originally thought. Still not fun...but hopefully in the next few months you will be feeling much better!! HUGS!

Debby said...

Hi. I just saw your comment on Between you and me. I have just recently heard that thyroid and Celiac may be somehow connected. I have both. Don't be surprised if the blood work for Celiac comes out negative. Mine did. I had two postitive biopsies from and upper endoscopy. My son has it as well and his blood work was negative. Good luck. Glad this was not cancer.

jamiewhitewyatt said...

Praise God the tumors are benign! I experienced a "God wink" when I found your blog. Your BSF insights were timely. I'm "borrowing" them to share, and save for when I need them--giving you credit, of course! God Bless You!
Jamie in Georgia