Monday, January 16, 2012

A new lampshade for my boy

I completely fell in love with these lampshades and knew I had to have one like it somewhere in my home.

Source: Shannon Berrey Design and Designing Domesticity

I had a very productive week-end and Sam's room got three additions. The lamp, a new frame and a hook. Just wait until you see what else we did. It was a great week-end and I'm feeling very caught up.

I first tried cutting out the letters with just my paper template sitting on the felt (like in the tutorials linked above). But I used my good Dollie felt, not craftstore felt, and it was too limp/soft. I had to re-draw the monogram (since I had cut out my original) and trace it on to heat-n-bond. Then I ironed it to the felt and cut it out like I do for appliques. See sidebar > for a tutorial on how to applique. Be sure to trace the backside or your letters will be backwards. I just removed the backing and was able to hot glue it right to the shade. And of course I used my signature red and white striped ribbon. ;)

I also hung the final matching sailboat photo in his room (it used to hang right outside at the end of the hallway). The other three are over his bed.
And now he has a hook for his robe, a hook for his backpack and a hook for his fireman hat, just like Scupper's The Sailor Dog (my favorite Little Golden Book).

I found this fun hook made from an old wagon side at Mama's Happy last month.


Enjoy your completed room Sam!

To see the rest of his big boy room click {here}.

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Heather L. said...

I love it!!! I may have to copy this for Carter's room. Would love to see pics of the whole room when you're ready to share. What I've seen so far looks adorable!

Angel said...

Thanks Heather! Ya know, his room is so teeny tiny, these are the best pics I'll ever get of it. You've probably already seen this though, but it gives you an idea of the whole room.

Sarah said...

Very cute... Adds so much to the room.

Julie @ Knot All That I Seam said...

Love the Wagon coat hanger. Wow. Might have to try and replicate one for my son's room. :)

Designing Domesticity said...

Thanks for the shout out re the monogram lamp shade. Yours looks great! As does the whole room. Well done, liz