Monday, October 3, 2011

Finding Solutions {Owl Growth Chart}

In our house I find I do a lot of decorating just to cover up the silly design flaws of who ever built this house. Our house is so tiny that there is absolutely no need for an intercom system. But the builders jumped on the 80's bandwagon anyway. To change out the system to white would cost about $800. And since we aren't willing to tackle a larger hole, sheetrock patch job ourselves, the only answer right now is to cover them up. Of course we'll have to do something proper with them if we ever move. Imagine seeing a house you like only to find big holes in the wall when the previous family moves out. Yikes! Either way, they are an eye-sore. You've already seen how I covered the one in our bedroom and the electrical panel in Sam's room. And pretty soon I'll get to show you the command panel in the kitchen. It's a doozy of a hole. I still have yet to come up with a solution for the one by Sam's lightswitch. I fear there is no solution right now, but I'll never stop thinking about it.

So today I waved my magic wand in the girls room, and this is how it turned out. ;)

Remember these wall stickers from Target ,that were in the girls' old room? They were a bit much in there, but now they are perfect in their new room.


Now you see it!


Now you don't!


TaDa! A little woodland themed, totem pole inspired, growth chart.





Wall stickers, a pine 1 x 12 x 4', white paint and a green paint pen and perfect painting weather makes me a happy girl.


Heather L. said...

You are SOOO smart to do this! Seriously, this is amazing! We have those same wall stickers, and I hate to throw them out (we are redoing her room soon). How easy/hard was it to take them off the wall?

GREAT job!!!

Amber said...

Love how it tunred out. We have a few problem walls here at our house. The previous owners were not the best hole patchers :( Love seeing all your cover up ideas!

Love that A & E match the growth chart :)

Holly said...

I think I saw those same girls wearing those same shirts a second ago. ;)

We patched up a few holes - I did a small hole the size of a finger with a kit from Lowes, a hole I discovered behind the crib, made by someone small.

We also had a bigger hole though, almost as big as that intercom in our basement shower wall/ceiling. We had some water come from the upstairs, so Dave was worried about mold and cut a hole in the wall and ceiling to check for mold, didn't find any, then we had a hole in the wall for a few years because we didn't know how to close it.

When we were preparing to sell, we had our handyman look at it while he was there doing something else and he took some scrap of something we already had in our garage, used that to patch it, and I wish I remembered more, but it didn't seem to be a big deal, took less than half hour and cost nothing except his time. After he left I painted over the patched area with a paint sample very similar to what was already on the wall and since it was in an out of the way spot, buyers either didn't notice it or didn't care that it wasn't exactly the same color of paint. The hole was in one of the few rooms I didn't totally repaint. That's probably not helpful, except to say there's probably a way to do it that isn't hard or costly.