Wednesday, October 26, 2011

School Girls

First, here is the view as I wait in the pick-up line. The actual school is off to my right. These are condos that were built after they sold off part of what used to be parking lot.

Kind of makes me want to get there earlier than necessary. ;)


They are loving school so far. Both of them have had nothing but good things to say about their days. With the exception of the bus ride taking too long. But that will get shorter after Christmas break, when they move to the upper campus and take away my gorgeous view. ;)

Silly girls striking their own poses.


Plaid skirts and knee socks. *swoon* I was worried they would be around their ankles all day. but they did a great job. These are from Lands End, if you are looking for cute cabled ones that really stay up, find them {here}.


On the first day I got to witness Allison who was already standing in line, greet her sister with a tackle of a hug when Emily came out of the building. Totally made my day. They played really well together the rest of that day too. Having such a long break from each other does wonders for their relationship.



Kris said...

Adorable...preppy, and oh so cute!!!

Michelle said...

What a BEAUTIFUL school building, and the trees out front are stunning. I could look at them all day. Your girls look very cute in their school uniforms. My daughter's uniform is maroon also, but nowhere near as pretty! It is good to hear that the separate classrooms are working well for the girls. :-)

Nancy B. said...

Wow! Those trees are gorgeous! Glad to know the girls are transitioning well to their new school :)