Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Budding Designer

Emily wants to be a "Shop Girl" just like me. When I was sewing our Christmas samples, she was stuck like glue to me for at least an hour, watching everything I did.


She asked if she could use my scraps and a box of pins to make her own creation.

She spent time laboring over the design.


Then made the top.


And the pants.


Sweet, sweet girl, I will teach you to sew very soon.

I love that my girl wants to be creative just like her mom. Makes my heart smile. :)


Amber said...

How sweet! I am sure Emily will create some amazing creations! Reese loves to pull a chair up to my sewing desk while I sew. She, however, is more a distration right now. I can't wait until the day she is able to really help :) She has been asking for a pink sewing machine for a while now.

Jessica said...

I love it!!.....and what an adorable & stylish halter top that is!! Very creative, Miss Emily!

Grace likes to sit with Noonie at the sewing machine and every once in a while Noonie will let her guide the fabric as it's going in which makes her smile from ear to ear.

Holly said...

That is so adorable!!! I can see Caleb doing that if I sewed.

Linda said...

Reminds me of her grandma Donna. Such creativity and talent!