Friday, September 2, 2011

Move over Craigslist!

I found the dresser and hutch of my dreams at the Goodwill for just $30. Doesn't this look like it could be the perfect addition to my sewing area, in the perfect shade of aqua? But I've always wanted it for my kitchen in black. Decisions, decisions...


And here is the $15 dresser I bought at auction that we are turning into our new tv stand. I'll put a wicker basket underneath it to hold all the cords that are necessary behind. We are also considering mounting the tv on the wall instead of just setting it on the dresser. The top has been sanded and is ready for a dark walnut stain and the bottom will be painted Benjamin Moore's White Dove, then distressed and waxed. we turned the top two drawer spots into shelves to house the components. They will fit perfectly! That meant I was able to swap hardware around and have 4 working handles and 2 metal key plates for the 2 drawers that are left. It needs a few nails to keep the bottom together and some glue behind some of the veneer. But I can see it finished and pretty in my head already.


And here are some more projects we are working on. Bunk beds for the girls soon to be painted white and my sweet husband is building me an Adirondack chair. Love that guy! Next summer I plan to order 4 more from him. ;)



Jeremy and Kristin said...

Hi Angel! I have been stalking your blog lately - about to embark on some sewing projects (now that I have a new machine) and furniture painting projects. I'm wondering if you have any furniture painting tips - I'm planning to paint a small dresser, kids tables and kids chairs for my 2 year old's room. I am hoping to avoid chips, etc. Any suggestions about process or products?

Kristin Scott said...

Oh - and yes, it's me, Kristin Scott. Guess I need to update the profile so it doesn't show an inactive blog and so that you actually know who I am!

Kris said...

Great deals!!

Amber said...

I still can't believe you got this for $30....I am insanely jealous :) But you deserve it!!! I love the dresser so far. We are going to wind up the cords and hang them on hooks that I am placing on the back of the dresser....maybe the 3m ones??? I am placing the top 2 drawers on the floor for storage :) I love the look of a stained top and painted bottom! Can not wait to see it finished! I say use the hutch in your kitchen so you can see it all the time :) But it would look gorgeous in aqua :)

Amanda said...

$30 wow - I swear our Goodwill is the biggest rip off! Love all its french glory, I say black and show it off where you will see it alot/others will too! The dresser is great too :) Have fun!

Angel said...

Kristin, I'm using these tutorials for painting.

I bought Behr's paint and primer in one in semi-gloss, and dark walnut stain to go over the distressed parts and SC Johnson's paste wax instead of polyurethane.

Have fun!