Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little ray of sunshine

In the midst of one of the most difficult weeks of my life, a little ray of sunshine arrived from the South, in the form of Jessica and her family. I'm so glad I was able to take a couple hours out of the day last Thursday to attend the Junk Bonanza with my friends. I had bought my ticket months ago and had been looking forward to Jessica and crew coming for weeks.


Here is a little glimpse at one of the beautiful booths we saw.


Very Miss Mustard Seed, don't ya think?

Loved how they turned this shutter into a jewelry holder.
I have two tall shutters at home just waiting for a new life. I'm thinking my girls need one in their room for necklaces and the other should hold photos somewhere upstairs.


Amy joined up with us too, but of course she managed to avoid the camera. She's all stealthy like that. But she can't hide for long. ;)

And then, after a few text messages, we had what felt to me like a celebrity sighting. We got to meet-up and chat with Jenn for a bit. I tell ya she is every bit as sweet and genuine as you expect her to be if you read her lovely blog.


And as if that all weren't enough, I also found and bought the top three items on my "junk" list. A vintage globe, food scale and old schoolroom pull-down map of the USA. It's HUGE, and a dream come true. I'll share them as soon as I do a little decorating/rearranging around here.

Next up, a day at the apple orchard and THE most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen. I spent an hour this morning photographing it. Yes, I may be a little nuts.


Jessica said...

Awww...your pics are much better than mine :) Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess even in the midst of everything you were going through. We love visiting you guys.

Been thinking about you and your sweet family. I know yesterday was extra tough. Hoping little bits of sunshine keep showing up your way in the weeks to come. And if all else fails, maybe a pumpkin pancake breakfast might help ;)

Jenn said...

Aw man...what fun! SO GREAT to finally meet in person...it has taken WAY too long!! We came home with quite the treasures. Thankful for the car top carrier even though my friends gave me a hard time for bringing it. A good junker always brings extra space along ;) You are WAY too sweet!!!