Monday, August 29, 2011

It's project city around here

Gone is the red and I'm asking myself why I waited so long to do it. I'm hoping that winter won't feel quite so long and dark this year. Although now our ceiling and cabinets look at little dingy next to all that sunny yellow. There is never an end to all that could be done...


Pretty soon I'll be painting our dining table and chairs black. I just love how this yellow looks against black and there is already a lot of white with the cabinets.

I am seriously giddy about being able to cover up this old 1980's intercom system that has been haunting me for 12 years.


My chalkboard is ready to be assembled and hung, but first I need to make sure it should really stay yellow.


I painted it a while ago when I had planned to hang it in a different room. But now that it's going here, should I change the color? I think the yellow on yellow is kind of nice but I'm not 100% sold on it. The dresser below is just a stand in until I get my grandma's old buffet repaired and painted black.

Then I'll hang red letters vertically {E A T} to the left of it to mask the lopsidedness that's necessary for covering the intercom hole. The {S} is going in Sam's room.


So the frame could go white, aqua or red. I would love opinions...

Switching gears...David and the kiddos all camped in the yard last night. I stayed in to finish the painting, but did make it out to enjoy s'mores with them. Yum!


And...there are exactly three beautiful pumpkins growing in Mrs. Deb's garden. She's been growing them just for our kids to pick this fall. We love her!


Now I'm off to work some more on an Adoption TaDollie.

And tonight we start painting the living room.

Are you having a productive Monday too?


Jessica said...

Love the buttery yellow on the walls!! And the red EAT too! Makes me think of Meg's READ, which I still love! I'd go with a strong aqua (a blueish tone, not greenish tone) for the chalkboard frame.

Amber said...

I vote aqua as well :) I have had the red EAT letter's pinned for them. So glad you went with the yellow :)

Nancy B. said...

Love the yellow!