Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fast approaching...6 and kindergarten

Happy almost 6th birthday Allison


Happy almost 6th birthday Emily


On Friday my girls will turn six and in just one week they start kindy. And much to our surprise they will be in the same classroom (as there is only one a.m. kindy class) this year. Oh dear!

To my sweet, sweet girls,

My how you have grown so quickly! I hope that you flourish in kindergarten and that you make lots of new friends.


Please be kind to each other and listen to your teacher. That is a life-long lesson that will serve you well.


I pray that your friendship will stand the test of class together and that you each blossom and grow by leaps and bounds this year.


And don't pick up too much bad stuff on the school bus from those older kids.




Folly said...

How exciting for Allison and Emily! (And for you, Angel!)
Don't worry about them being in the same class, they'll still develop their own style at school. It might even give them extra confidence to meet this new step of starting school together.
Have fun girls!

Jenn said...

they really are ridiculously cute! I think being together will make the year that much more fun!! HAPPY early b-day to the 2 cutest "still five for another week" girls I know!

Cuties with curls said...

I hope they have a great time....

Jessica said...

Yay A & E!! Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls!!!

micah and betsy said...

they are the same age that we met! and rode the bus together... you were the first friend i remember really having :)