Friday, May 6, 2011

My new space

Cutting out patterns on the floor in our bedroom was getting really old. Never being able to get away from "work" was wearing on me. The hum of the sewing machine at midnight (and later), although he could sleep through it, just wasn't how I wanted to treat my husband. So I kicked myself out and hijacked {the playroom}. And I love it!

I love turning the corner and seeing this everyday. The framed print on the top shelf is cleverly hiding the heat vent that was such an eye sore on that big blank wall.


Finally...a place for everything, plus room to grow. I've got my eye on a second set of shelves to go over the project table. Those white squares are dry-erase stickers I found at Target. Now I just need to buy the right black marker and then I can stop trying to track down the post-it notes my little theives kids are always running off with.


I even have a cutting/project table. It's covered in a fun polka dot oilcloth and will be getting a skirt of some sort, attached with velcro, in the future.


Now I don't have to rummage through my dark closet in search of the perfect applique fabric.


This is the dresser I painted for Sam's room last summer. We've rearranged his room to accommodate David's tall childhood dresser, a desk and a bedframe for him instead. Now it makes a great place to store my fabric. Two small drawers are just patterns and the rest is packed with fabric.


I bought $7 bulletin boards at Ikea and will be hanging them soon. But first I want to cover them in fabric (still waiting for the perfect one to jump out at me) and add picture molding on top of the edging to frame it out larger. I've longed for an "inspiration" board for for-evah!

*I've hung my {alphabet wall} plans here. I'm very close to getting it finished. Just need 4 more letters a canvas, spray paint and some fabric.



We still have a train table in the middle of the floor and all the toys are along the opposite walls. We will be building a pull out drawer for under Sam's bed to hold the trainset and then I'll have room to lay out my upcoming curtain projects on the floor. Think large horizontal stripes, taking after the {Nester} of course.

For those of you that were following Baby Lily's heart surgery, she is doing very well. Click {over here} to see her celebrating her 1st birthday!


Heather L. said...

I love it! So bright and cheerful - very inspiring! Great job - and enjoy your new space =)

Folly said...

Oh my! That is an awesome space! And your fabric drawers look so luscious, I just want to start rummaging in there right away! It looks great, I'm sure you'll feel inspired when working in there. :-)

Jessica said...

Love the red dresser full of fabric!!! Yay for a new space just for you! Happy Mother's Day dear friend!

Young Adventures... said...

Looks great Angel! I love the dresser! I'm so glad you have a space to work in. Happy Mother's day!

micah and betsy said...

once again you've inspired me... i'm jealous of your space and organization... i'm going to start collecting my alphabet letters... and i'm thinking about the horizontal stripes for curtains in our living room... aaannndd, while looking at the link for the curtains, i found a use for the old 5 panel doors that we have (i'm painting at least one and hanging it horizontally over our couch) as well as the shudders that i'm going to paint and put on out mantle... thank you!!!!