Tuesday, May 17, 2011



beauty is all around us.

1. my son's sweet face while sleeping in the car
2. warm sunshine on my face while having lunch with my parents on their deck
3. new pretties to plant: 2 lilacs, 1 annabelle hydrangea, 1 blueberry bush
4. ice cream sandwiches in the backyard after mowing
5. orders in the mail
6. a girl's week-end planned and a family camping trip planned
7. God's continual grace in my life, while i continue to not deserve it
8. cool spring breezes flowing through the house
9. laundry that's caught up
10. girl's reading in bed, after lights-out, with flashlights

what's on your list?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Yes, so much to be thankful for!