Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fashion Plates and Knit Ruffles

Do you remember Fashion Plates? I sure loved these when I was a kid. I'm wishing now that I had saved mine. I had the greeting card set too. I'm pretty sure I was an adult before I let them go, but wishing now I had thought to hang on to them for the long haul. I could spend hours playing with these and probably will again. ;)


I've been stalking them on eBay for over a month now and finally thought to check Etsy. Bingo! I'd much rather pay a set price than wait for an auction to end. Anyway, these will be part of the girls Easter baskets this year.

I vividly remember all of these plates.


I don't know who will be more excited, them or me.


Search: "Fashion Plates Tomy" on eBay or on Etsy in the vintage category

Oh, and we've also added our lime striped knit ruffle pants back in the shop.


You can find there here.


Nancy's Couture said...

Oh how I remember those Fashion Plates. I loved them! I'm sure my parents did too. It kept me busy for many long hours.

Lisa said...

I LOVED my Fashion Plates way back when.

The One and Only said...

Dang, those were the days!! Between those and the Easy Bake Oven...UM HELLO!!! thanks for the memories!

Amy said...

I forgot about those! I had those and the greeting card one too! Loved those! I have a child that would love the greeting card one. I might have to look for one for her. thanks!

Randi said...

I had those ... I loved them!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I spent HOURS playing with my Fashion Plates too, Angel! I wish I had thought to save that childhood gem as well. Michaela has a mini version she loves and I'm sure your girls will be delighted.

I hope all's well and feeling 'springy' where you are! How's your dad doing?

I'm halfway through chemo and moving on to the second (and supposedly more tolerable) half of treatment tomorrow. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to the end of this journey ... and the cure.

SM Anderson said...

I loved mine too but can only imagine how 'good' they were :-) I don't have the fashion sense that you have. Have fun playing with these with your girls!

AJSnow said...

I was given Barbie Fashion Plates when my little brother was born to keep my busy at the hospital! Loove this, thanks for reminding me!

Crafty Southern Mama said...

I had BOTH of those & loved them so much!!

How many hours did I spend with those, I'd forgotten all about them!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! Flashback!!! LoL I loved fashion plates!

BellagioDesigns said...

YES!!!!! I loved my Fashion Plates!!!! Wonder what happened to it? Mom!!