Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreaming of a painted kitchen

(Benjamin Moore's HC10)

Our whole house could use a fresh coat of paint. Is it any wonder, after years of kids scribbles artwork and holes that need filling from rearranging? But it's the kitchen that will give us the most bang for our buck. Right now it's red. And before adding the new wood buffet (ok, so it's really a dresser, but I love it anyway) makes the red grow on me more...I'm talking dangerously close of making me think the red's a keeper...we better go yellow. I'm tried of my house looking like fall and winter year round. We get that enough with the weather so it's time to brighten things up. And this is the perfect room to start replacing the baseboards with tall white ones and get rid of all that ranch trim.


^I'm also thinking of adding white board and batten 3/4 up the wall (and around the backsplash) and painting the dresser and mirror frame black. That little lamp needs a white drum shade too. And the table could use a dark stained top and black legs. Just yesterday one of the chairs was accidentally sacrificed while trying to reach a big spider way up high. Crash...ouch...a leg completely split...and thankfully just a bruised ego. Good thing there are only 5 of us.

I think Benjamin Moore's "White Dove" would be the perfect trim and cabinet color for our house (see next pic).


And I have one upper kitchen cabinet that would be super cute with the doors removed and interior painted Benjamin Moore's "Bird's Egg"


I've also been reclaiming the flat surfaces in our living room. Once the girls were mobile and a few favorite things were broken, I gave up. I took everything down. So far it's been going well and I'm not looking back. We also moved a large leather chair to the playroom and it really opened up the space. But now the stained carpet looks even worse. Don't worry, there won't be any close ups of that. ;)


Very fall/winter, no? That little cabinet will be going black too. How funny that I used to look at wood furniture and think everything should be painted white. Now I think it should all be black.


^Said artwork on the walls...their pencil period.
Their marker and crayon period is thankfully behind the love-seat. Oh, and that white bunny bit the dust not even one hour after taking this photo. Grrr...Sam pulled the whole quilt off and everything came crashing down.


And here is the red armoir that we matched the kitchen paint to. This was the first piece of furniture we bought for our house 12 years ago. I still love it and it will be a great accent for the yellow and aqua I have my heart set on.


I know Ikea used to sell some gorgeous floor lamps that had a chunky/spindle base and large white drum shades. I can't find them on their site, so i'm really hoping they will be at the store. Otherwise I'll just have to keep drooling on them at my favorite local coffee house.

I'm seriously toying with the idea of replacing all the curtains in the living and dining room with these from Ikea. Am I a little crazy? Maybe that's too much boldness to commit too.


But I was also wanting to move the large framed Williamsburg print to over the piano downstairs and then replace my log cabin quilt with the Pop Garden one that's almost done. So I think this could work.

Hmm...a little paint, new lampshades and some curtains won't break the budget. I think.

Does the coming of spring make you want to redecorate too?

(professional photos from House Beautiful)

Next up is ric rac tutorial #2!


Young Adventures... said...

Angel is sounds so springy. You have spring fever girl! Yes, I have a couple of projects on my list. Finish the bedroom, sunporch, guest room and daughter's room. Have a great weekend!

Korey said...


I feel my house is very Fall/Winter too because the rug in our living room has dark jewel tones, purple, burgundy, deep window treatments are also a deep velvet burgundy. A few years ago I was complaining to my mom about this and she suggested that I change the curtains with the change of season. I was thinking "that is way too expensive" thinking I would have to go to Pottery Barn to get new drapes. She suggested going to J.C. Pennys. I did and I was SO pleasantly surprised. They have a huge selection of window treatments and great sales too. I ended up getting 4 new panels for only about $100 (they were buy one get one free) so now I keep the heavy velvet ones up in the Fall and Winter (the room has such a cozy feel to it) but during the Spring/Summer I put up some sheer ones. I also change the covers on the pillows on the couch. I feel like I have a whole new room! I also change the colors of the candles I have out and the various things I keep out to decorate with, I even change some of the frames I have out. I am dying to change things our right now but feel like i need to wait for at least the first day of Spring!

Kris said...

Morning. There is a red piece in your family room, that only the side is visible, the room where your leather sofas are. I have a piece that looks very similar, if not the same. Would love to see your whole piece. I LOVE the bard red color of it. In fact, I love barn red...period!

micah and betsy said...

for what it's worth i think it looks great! ok, and while i'm commenting here i must thank you for the board and batton inspiration (my husband thanks you too, i think- as he rips strips of mdf ;))... anyway, we are working on a flip house and after seeing your post i decided that i thought that we should go for it! i'll send you pictures when we're done, but i think it will up the resale! so a big thank you!!!

Angel said...

Rachel, make sure you share your sunporch. Those are such fun spaces!

Korey, that's exactly how I feel and I thought just switching curtains out to plain white ones (which I already own)would be enough. But I definitely need to get rid of the red walls that are closing in on me.

Kris, I added a pic of the armoire. :) Love that piece!

Betsy, yay for board and batten. You guys will do a great job. You are both so handy. Can't wait to see pics. :)

Angel said...

Ok, so the white ceramic bunny on the corner round table, bit the dust not even one hour after I posted this. Grrr...

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I LOVE all of your inspiration pics, dreams, and plans, Angel! Isn't it fun to imagine fresh changes? I can't wait to see what you come up with.

The red cabinet, however, is my favorite. I have no doubt it will play nicely with aquas and yellows :)

On another note, I am officially halfway through chemo and just had my last 'worst' treatment this morning. The remaining four are reportedly kinder. Which would be great! We're hanging in and grateful that my body has tolerated these drugs so well thus far. Everyone's prayers must be working.

Kelsey-N-Tim said...

I love the red, yellow and aqua combination.. I have been wanting that color combination in our kitchen/dining room area.