Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's in my sewing box {Favorite tools}


Next to my seam ripper, these are my most used sewing tools. And my favorites.

Pinking shears: everyone should have a pair. And they should certainly be pink. Don't you just love the name? They are a must for trimming a curved seam in a bodice, where you can't serge the fabric. Who wants to end up with a stringy mess after it's washed and risk that the stitching comes loose? Not me!

Quilting needles: those large pins with the yellow ends are THE best pins ever. I used to be a believer in only the little ones (on the right), until I saw Amy using them. She started out as a quilter first. You can find these with the quilting notions. They are much thinner than the old standard. Initially I thought to myself "Why would anyone use such huge pins? Don't you get stuck all the time?" But then I found myself at her house, without my own trusty pin box and I was slowly converted. I even ended up taking a few home with me and within days I found myself reusing them over and over. Little pins are a thing of the past.

Dear big pins, I love you.
Love, me.

A sliding metal ruler thingy: only THE best invention EVER! My mom used this when she taught me to sew. And everytime I misplace it (I have several), I feel lost. Try not to step on itthough, because once it's bent the slide thingy gets loose and doesn't work so well. Here, see it in action. This is so much better than fighting with a long tape measure that wants to keep falling off the ironing board or feels sticky around your neck. Or is that just me?


So next time you find yourself in the notions isle and everything is 50% off, pick yourself up some new gadgets. You'll thank me. And if you already have all of these, give yourself a big pat on the back. You are a sewing rock star. ;)

What's your favorite sewing tool?

*p.s. That nursery rhyme fabric is extremely hard to find. I think I may have bought the last yardage out there. If you are looking for cute fabrics, my favorite on-line shops as of late are Etsy and Search Alexander Henry, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman and Michael Miller to see what's out there. When you find something you like, then look at everything else in that shop. Happy shopping!


Amber said...

I too love all of these sewing gadgets! I bought a pack og quilting pins at an outlet store in Amish Co. (my favorite place to fabric shop) for $2. I priced them out JoAnn's for the same brand for $12.99....glad for the steal I found! I too use them all the time and never use my shorter pins. I also love the ruler and use it over my measuring tape all the time. My pinkinh shears are a headache though. They are really stiff and hard to open, and I seem to avoid using them. Guess I better pick a fun pink pair with my JoAnn's GC :)
You might chuckle, but one of my favorite and most used tools are my small cuticle scissors. I have a fwe nice pair from nail school that never got used. I was looking for a small pair of scissors when I started sewing and these were there at the time. I am so glad I gave them a try. I love that the curved end gets so close to the fabric when trimming threads!
Love the nursery rhyme fabric you keep teasing us with :)

Cole's Corner said...

I love my turning tool. I used to cuss so much trying to turn straps and other things inside out. I could not live without that sewing gadget.

I also love my buttonhole gauge and my ironing ham.

Kris said...

I am a quilter, and I do other sewing as well, and those yellow pins are my GO TO pins! I also have some with the leaf tops, and the flower tops. They are long and similar, and also wonderful. I have my pinking shears, and ginghers in every size, but I am ashamed to admit, I do not have a slide ruler. I will be fixing that this week, based on your review. Thanks!!!

Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I swear by the yellow quilting pins as well! The short ones just dont cut it anymore:)

Amy said...

You still have those little pins? LOL! My favorite sewing tool is Swedish Tracing Paper for tracing patterns and making muslins. Also love my little bias tape maker. ;)

Angel said...

Amber - great find on those pins! I think I found that Michael's was cheaper than JoAnn. But I may have just made that up. LOL YES! You need pink pinking shears. I'm sure that's your problem. ;) hehe... And cuticle scissors, what a great idea! I'll have to pull my pair out too.

Cole - the strap turner is another great tool. Thanks for mentioning it! And what's an iron "ham"?

Kris - yes, you have to pick up the slide ruler. You'll love it! Promise.

Sarah - totally agree. I need to buy more.

Amy - Yep, still have them. You know, just in case I use up all the long ones on a great big proect. Definitely need to get more so I can toss the little ones. Swedish Tracing paper! How could I forget that one? Totally necessary. Hey, I found more muslin fabric for you muslin Queen. :)

Jessica said...

Favorite sewing tool...hmmm, can I say "my mom"? LOL, even when I'm doing the sewing I feel so much better when she's sitting right next to me!

Have all your faves in my stash and love them. My (blue) pinking sheers make the loveliest sound as I'm cutting - love that sound (how geeky is that?!) And I know all too well about stepping on the slide, not the part about it bending, but the part about uttering some not so nice words after the sharp little corner dug into my heel. Aaaaah!

Cole's Corner said...

A pressing ham is great for ironing around sleeves and collars and little tiny clothes.

You must get one! You'll love it.