Monday, January 3, 2011

What I'm loving today.

Just popping in to say that I stumbled upon this over at The Inspired Room last week and just now took a break to read it. I so wish I had seen this in August 2009, when it was written. It was totally for me. Ok, maybe it was written for you too, but it was mostly for me. ;)

It's a post titled ~ Four Daily Routines: How I Keep My house "Clean Enough". Doesn't that just sound great? I already do two of her steps and will start doing the other two immediately. It makes perfect sense now. So much so, I'm kicking myself for not figuring this out before. I've made up elaborate cleaning schedules in the past and honestly it's impossible to keep up with. I have a little black box that is happily sitting on top of the fridge covered in about an inch worth of dust. It just can't be done with 3 (sometimes 5) kids at home all day. It will be ready for me in a few years, but for now it's shelved.

One of her steps is something she calls "cleaning frenzy." We do the same thing here but mine starts out "Honey, will you help me clean the whole house for just 20 minutes, like company's coming?" And then we work really fast, for a bit more than 20 minutes. I find it's easier to get help if there is a time limit on it. My cleaning style tends to be relative to whether we are having people over or not. And let's just say we don't entertain very often. *wink*

So, if you need a little boost getting this New Year started off on the right foot, go read this short and sweet post. You'll LOVE it!

Yes, I'm still participating in the 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge, but I'm already 2 days behind. I have my before photos taken and I put out 7 bags of stuff for donation this morning. Does that count? January really came at an inconvenient time this year. And thankfully I have a loaner sewing machine so I can stay on task with sample making, which is where all my organizing" time is going instead. Speaking of which, I've gotta get back at it...

But before I go, I know that posts without pics are pretty boring so here's one for ya. We got to watch these two deer hanging out in our woods for the better part of the day last week. Do you see them?



Young Adventures... said...

I have done the first two challenges now. Thanks for sharing both of these blogs, I need that extra challenge to get motivated sometimes. :)

The Fam said...

I am so right there with you. It's so awesome to see all the blogs out there in blog land for sure, but I am right there with you at times with all of those people that look like they have it all. You are so blessed, and what a blessing it is to read a post like yours to keep it real along with your awesome blog ;) <3

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Thank you for sharing my post!! I'm so happy to hear that it was an encouragement to you. I certainly don't have it all together but I'm happy to share whatever little tidbits I've learned along the way!

Happy Day,