Friday, January 14, 2011

"Got you, Mommy"

The sweetest thing happened.

And I will never forget it.


I was sitting folding laundry as Sam made his way to me through the stacks. He stood behind me and flung his little body onto my back. Wrapped his sweet chubby baby-but-really-a-BIG-boy arms around my neck and said in my ear "Got you, Mommy" with a giggle.

Be still my heart!

There are no photographs. There are no videos.

But the memory will forever be burned into my heart.

So when it's 1am and you can't sleep, but you lie there thinking of a friend on the homecoming of their new babe. You know the Lord is asking you to pray.

"Lord, I pray that all is well for Jenn tonight.

That she is savoring every moment,

every breath, every tear and every giggle.

I look forward to the day when she can hear her son's sweet voice say

"Got you Mommy."

...and so much more...



Young Adventures... said...

I can't believe how little he is in that photo. Precious!!

Jenn said...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :) Just sitting here at home while Daniel sleep catching up on some of my favorite blogs and stumbled upon this sweet prayer...they were definitely felt while we were in Africa! We feel SO blessed to have so many friends supporting us!! SO HAPPY to be home!!!