Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ethiopian Adoption Dollies {Forever families}

These three little cuties left on an adventure yesterday. We were thrilled when two families, adopting through the same agency as our friend Jenn, asked for custom Dollies for the little ones they will soon be bringing home.

These first two are a brother and sister set. Their Mama showed us what colors would be in their room and asked if we had something to match. Without knowing that they had already picked out fabrics for their bedding, shockingly I came up with the exact. same. fabrics. they were planning on using. It was obviously meant to be so they gave us free reign on the design. I'm happy to say, we nailed it!


And may I just point out how perfectly Amy pieced those socks? Is it weird that my eyes keep getting stuck on that one detail when the whole Dollie is just so cute? I'm a nut for incredible sewing, I guess. You should hear me fawning all over her blind stitching every time I see it. It's the little things that make my heart go pitter patter. You know you're a sewer when your eyes immediately go looking for the tricky details. Amy you've got mad skills girl! Thank you for sharing them with me.


This next little one is darling too. I gave her Mama 7 fabric combos to choose from and this is the one I secretly hoped she'd pick. The little birdie print is one of my all-time favorite fabrics. So cheery and fun. It's even the inspiration in my own daughters' room. It mixes so well with Heather's Pop Garden and the addition of Jennifer's Poodle for the knee-highs, is the perfect extra pop.


Our hope is that these sweet Dollies provide years of joy, comfort and fun play. That they make the anticipation of new little feet even more sweet in the coming months. That they help ease the transition to a forever family. A huge thank you to these families who are opening their homes and hearts to the orphaned. One of life's biggest blessings ever, for both parent and child.

If you'd like a truly custom, heirloom quality, Dollie for your little one, or perhaps you know of a family that is adopting, please visit our shop.


Jessica said...

In love with these dollies, Angel & Amy!!! I love what they stand for...the anticipation, the prayers, the hopes, the yearning...the
little ones who will soon be joining their forever families are so blessed already to have families so full of love waiting for them. A few extra prayers going up today for the 3 Ethiopian littles waiting to come

Jenn said...

You know these just make my heart melt!! Absolutely LOVE the dollies...all the little precious details...and your heart!!!!

Amber said...

Eeekkk...adorable and perfect as always!!!