Friday, December 10, 2010

December is a time for Ho ho Ho {Our week in review}

1. You know your day isn't starting off right when you find yourself doling out time-outs from the shower. But miraculously, getting little girls dressed up in taffeta Christmas dresses and big polka dot tights can turn everything around. Coffee helps too.

2. The girls were in their first Christmas program (EVER!) at school this week. It was a lot of fun to see them up there singing away. They've pretty much been singing ever since. They've never learned songs like this or performed in front of people before. They love Ms. Reda, their music teacher. Ms. Reda also went to highschool with my birth-mom. How neat is that? And her husband was also the choir director at my highschool. I however, was not in choir. But what a small world it is.

Allison said that she got stage-frightened and couldn't do the hand motions. I enjoyed talking to them both about it later in the day and hearing what they had to say about their big day.

I love this age when they tell you everything. Even when they tell me "things aren't going well for me today" or "Mommy, were people mean to you when you were a little girl?" They are growing up way too fast! But I love having heart-to-heart conversations with my sweet girls and getting a glimpse into how they see the world.

Allison's in the middle of the back row.

Comfortable enough now for the hand motions.

I decided against showing you the one where Emily smears her runny nose all over her arm. You're welcome.

When she sings this at home, she has the same sweet, slightly embarrassed-by-all-the-attention look on her face.

3. The girls had one of their very bestest friends from school over for a playdate on Monday. I love that we have room to bring home an extra child from school. We've opened up the 3rd row of seats in the Explorer and it's working well. Except for the part where the double stroller has to fit in the front seat when I need it. That's kind of yucky. Think melting. dirty. snow. Yeah. But kid-wise I can haul 5 at once. And I'm getting good at it.

We made these fun Pretzel Wreaths.





Why do I always manage to buy a bag that's not plain M&M's? I did this last year too. It seems during the month of December it's nearly impossible to find the plain variety. I had to search and search for the plain section only to find that this one must have been in the wrong box. I was greatly disappointed when I pulled them out at home. And I thought I was being extra careful at the store this time too.


These girls were the happiest, giggliest girls I've seen in a long time. They had a great time together and nobody felt left out, not even once. Love that!


4. Amy and I are working on two special Dollies for a brother and sister pair being adopted from Ethiopia in January. We'll share pictures soon. And listen to this...Mom and Dad will be taking pics of the Dollies all around their home and places in town that they frequent. Then they'll make a scrapbook to bring along on their first visit to meet their kids, to help introduce them to their new home. I know! The Dollies will then come with them when they finally get to bring them home. {swallowing lump in my throat} Is that not just the most thoughtful idea?

Thank you Jenn for the blog love. We've had 3 requests for custom Dollies from adoptive families already! Amy and I are both thrilled to be, even one tiny bit, a part of these beautiful families bringing new little ones home. Lots of love goes into making these Dollies.

5. Yesterday we made cookies! My favorite, chocolate crinkles. Even the boys got involved.



Do you do this too? I got this great tip from my friend Rachel. Store butter wrappers in the freezer for greasing pans later. No more folding up a paper towel and making a mess of the butter or getting out the dreaded Crisco like we did when I was a kid.





6. Moments like these are so sweet. Daddy helping the kids make beaded candy cane ornaments while I was making homemade turkey noodle soup on Sunday. Warms the soul on a cold winter day.


7. Doesn't this little guy look so tiny out there in all that snow? David said he whined and complained the whole time and that his mittens kept coming off. But he sure loved the hot cocoa when he came back inside.


8. I've also been enjoying making some of these ornaments in my spare time this week. Yes, surprisingly I found some spare time. Some very special people will be getting them for Christmas this year. I still need to make our 5 Christmas stockings (definitely won't happen until next year), but thought it best to get my toes wet with ornaments first. I am completely addicted. As in I'd love to send my family out to eat for every meal so I don't have to cook and can just sit and sew on beads and sequins all day long for the next month or two or three...

9. I'm whipping up some Christmas jumpers for the girls out of this fabric. Pics to come, plus a tip on how to sandwich ric rac the easy way. I bet you thought I'd forgotten about sewing. Ha, I did too.

9. Happy Friday! We are possibly getting 18" of snow tomorrow. Glad I got our grocery shopping done last night. Tuesday morning I brought the kids to school and it was only 4* outside. I hope you are warmer than we are.

10. And the best for last. My dad came home yesterday. He gets to recuperate at home for a few weeks until they figure out what the next step is. He's not strong enough yet for a stem cell transplant, but it's the chromosomal changes from the Leukemia that's keeping him week. It's a viscous cycle and we're not sure yet how it will be resolved. But for now, he gets to sleep in his own bed and be where he wants to be. Thank you Lord!


Steve said...

It really seems like an idyllic week. And your pics and reflections make it seem so . . . calm. It couldn't have been that calm, right? :) LOVE the pic of your girls with their heads on their friend's lap on the couch. Too cute. And the pic of all four kids staring into the oven, watching the cookies bake, also too cute. What a blessing to love what you do. - Sara

Young Adventures... said...

I love the polka dot tights!! So glad your Dad is going to be able to sleep in his own bed. I can't believe all of this's like the blizzards we got when we were kids.

Angel said...

Nope, definitely not calm. There is always chaos around here.

I could have included this disclaimer:
When I went to bed the day we made cookies, I found powdered sugar allover the sheets inside our bed (it had been made by the way). Evidently on their way to the bathroom to clean up after making those cookies, they all took a pit stop in our room to play hide and seek. LOL I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff and just focus on the fact that they had fun.

This week in particular I chose to reflect on the best parts rather than the 10 poopy diapers I changed, the head colds we all had/have or Sam's throwing up Fri and Sat or his pink-eye last week-end. Oh, and his sitting on his sister's hair and hitting her repeatedly with a toy while she screamed and I was taking a shower (hence those time-outs).

There is always joy to be found and I'm trying my hardest to create some every day. I've found that if I have a crabby outlook it sets the tone for the whole family. I'm trying to be more patient and purposeful. It's definitely not easy, but it is rewarding.

Love those pics too!

Rachel, just read that Halloween of 1991 we had 28.4" of snow. Yesterday we got 17". Still a ton! The Dome just collapsed too. I feel bad for the folks that have to fix that mess.

Happy hibernating you too!