Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Craigslist

Why oh why can't you come up with a way to make people remove their listings after it's sold?

Because, there she sits. THE perfect set for our dining room. A French provincial table with 6 chairs. Do you know how hard it is to find a set with 6 chairs, instead of just 4? This one even looks like it has a leaf or two. *sigh*


If this were mine, I would use Sarah's technique to paint it black. It so wants to be black with fun new fabric for the seats. I've even got a French provincial dresser in our workshop just waiting to be painted black this spring. They would be the perfect set in my soon to be yellow kitchen.

Why is it that my friends have such great success (the proof is right here, here and here) in finding the good stuff and I am left wishing and dreaming and just looking at what could have been.

For $245 this could have been mine!!!!

Craigslist, you're just a big old Meanie!



Kori said...

OH man that stinks- I have been looking at craigs list lately- Although I make DH do all the pick ups LOL - Dh wanted a 10 ft tree a few weeks ago I could not see spending 1,000 GOod ol craigslist came thru for $75 :)

Funny about the 6 chairs I have a set from my grandma with leafs we only had 4 chairs :( was at the prop shop in EP and found a matching chair what r the odds Then I was bored and went into a good will in MTKA and there was a chair- It was meant to be for me to have the set origional from my grandma :) I am checking out the paint project-
Check the EP prop shop they have nice dinning sets everytime I go in at good prices-

Jenn said...

If it makes you feel any better Angel...I have missed out on A LOT of great finds too!! There are MANY pieces of furniture that "got away from me"...the key is to look every day when you are hunting for something! Sure enough...another one will pop up...and maybe even for less $$$. I do agree though that that set was really cute!!

Kris said...

Keep looking! I found a remarkable buffet for my kitchen for 50 dollars, that was tailor made for the space. was a 1,000 if it were a penny purchased new, I am certain!

Amber said...

I hate when that happens!!! I too am usually very unlucky when it comes to Craig's List....I have been trying to find a pair of endtables to refinish for our living room and ran across a dinning room set very similar to this one....6 chairs, leafs and all....can you make a road trip :)