Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breakfast and Crafts with Mrs. Claus

Yesterday, Amy and I brought our girls to Eagle Creek Quilt Shop. The fabulous ladies there put together a fun morning with Mrs. Claus for the kids. They made felt mice candy cane holders. Super cute and easy to make.


I wish I had gotten a better picture of Mrs. Claus, she was just perfect. Here she is standing next to her daughter, one of the owners. These gals are a lot of fun. We even had a chance to do some brainstorming about the fashion show we'll be doing in February. By the way, the date has been changed from February 2nd to the 20th. Don't worry, I'll keep reminding you and letting you in on more details as we get close to the date. In the meantime, we've got a lot of sewing to do.


The strangest thing happened when we walked in to the room. Allison turned and wrapped her arms around me and wouldn't look at anyone. She wanted me to pick her up and hide. I think she was starstruck by Mrs. Claus. I was able to get her settled into her chair and when I heard her answering questions from people I knew she would be ok. But she didn't even touch her donut! Another sign that she was nervous. My sweet kidlet.


As we were leaving, Mrs. Claus was walking to her car.
Emily said "Mommy, where are her reindeer?"
Oh deer!


Here is how they made those darling mice. Draw the outlines on grey felt. Have your little ones cut them out. Make 3 slits in the body and thread the ears and candy cane through. Easy-peasy!


And did you see this adorable craft over at Whatever? I'm making these with my kids this week. I've already bought white paint, red felt and aqua colored glass balls from Michael's (on sale). What a great way to record their hand size in a meaningful way. Then in years to come I can hold the ornaments in my own hand and remember how tiny their hands were. Oh the sweetness! Please, please, please go take a look. Right here. If you haven't already seen this, you'll thank me.

And I love these cute teacher appreciation gifts too. Will have to keep that one in mind for next year.


Steve said...

That hand ornament at Whatever IS really cute!

Sarah said...

looks like a fun morning. that is sweet that they do this for the kiddos!

Amber said...

So fun!!! What a great activity for Miss A and Miss E!