Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These days...

I'm in my second week of Daycare of two little ones and I love it.
Sam gets a friend to play with and we all get to cuddle a sweet little girl.
Sam calls her "Babe" and it's just the sweetest thing to hear.
Thankfully his jealousy only lasted one day.
And he's so cute standing at the door waving "Bye Eat(for Ethan)" after they've left.


Allison is such a sweet Little Mommy.
She adores "Babe" and is happy to just sit and hold her hand.

You-know-who has been potty training himself and doing a great job at it.
He also thinks that clothing is optional. It's a real fight to get him dressed anytime of day.


I've battened down the hatches which is making life so much easier.
So far everyone is abiding by our check-in/check-out rules.


Starting the week with an organized house is a must and a life-saver. I wasn't able to do that last week and I can see a huge difference in my own outlook and it's so much easier to play with them. Thanks Honey for helping me whip the house back into shape! You did more than your fair share and I appreciate it. Especially all that carpet cleaning you did. Muh!

Once I figure out the real placement of furniture in here (this is where all the extra pieces go since there is no room anywhere else), I'll get stuff up on the walls. A project indeed! I started this how long ago? Where's that swift kick when you need one?


Pre-school toys are within easy reach and turning that dollhouse around with all those
parts that end up everywhere also made a huge difference. Plus it's much prettier now.


The girls' room has become a safe haven for all the "little" parts and
each bucket gets put back before another one can come out.
Yes, I'm running a tight ship but it is so needed to save my sanity.


Thought I'd throw in a pic of that granola recipe. I'm on my 4th batch.
Love it!
These mid-week days go just about as fast as this granola does.


My dad is doing a bit better. He is no longer septic. They had discovered that the pneumonia had entered his bloodstream. His white blood cells have finally started making a comeback. It took forever but we are so thankful that he now has a fighting chance of getting rid of that pneumonia. So we've gone from thinking he wouldn't survive the week to having more time to keep fighting this roller coaster of a battle. We are very grateful and thankful to the Lord.

We had a dangerous week-end in the cities here with icy roads. 300 some car accidents throughout Saturday night. Church was a ghost-town with people staying off the roads. My mom got called in by the nurses to help calm my dad at 1am Sunday mornding. She got there just fine but at about 10:30am she went out to her car to look for her cell phone. She was parked right next to the door in a covered ramp of a huge hospital. They hadn't salted or sanded the ice there and she fell, breaking her right arm just below her shoulder. Thankfully the ER was close, huh? What were they trying to do, drum up more business? Geesh! They can't do a cast because of the location so she just gets to keep it in a sling and not move it. I'm sure that's easy.

As if we needed one more challenge...David got a flat tire on Monday. When it rains it pours.

I finally went to see a Dr. for that head injury since I started feeling dizzy last week. After a tongue lashing for why didn't I see a Dr. on the boat and who's insurance is paying for this, she ordered a CT scan. Give me a break! I'm not the type of person that goes around suing people for my own stupid mistakes. A CT scan ruled out bleeding but she said it could take another 2-3 weeks for my brain to heal. And that I'm supposed to just rest and have someone watch my kids.
You could probably hear me laughing all the way home.

Not really, my head hurt too much.
But she did suggest a stronger dose of pain meds than I had been taking,
and that has helped a lot. So one good thing came from going in, but it won't have been worth what our bill will be.

Other than Thanksgiving, we aren't going anywhere this week-end. Three days of rest will be good. I also plan to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine. It's been a looooong time.

Two more recaps coming and then I'll be pretty quiet over here for the next few weeks. Recuperating and all ya know.

Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. Does it irk anyone else to turn on the TV these days? I see adds with words like "Merry Giftmas" and "Happy Thanksgifing" and I get so annoyed. I'm reminded of why I hardly watch TV anymore (which is good of course). The consumerism at Christmastime gets to me more and more the older I get and makes me more protective of celebrating the real reason for the season.


Young Adventures... said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope she heals quickly. I'm glad that your Dad is feeling better and that you are o.k.!! I totally hear you about the consumerism as well...yuck!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I hope you get lots of rest and relax.

Jessica said...

Are the cute kiddos your BFF's littles? So sweet! I sure hope you get a little rest over the weekend - you scared me with that whole getting dizzy from the head injury thing :(

BTW, loving the check-in/check-out system - thinking I may have to borrow that idea! I feel overrun these days with Grace's little playthings, always wondering where the next choking hazard is hiding. Doesn't help much that Hudson thinks dumping every.last.piece in the play area is just about the funnest game ever. Where did you find the buckets with the lids? I like that they're narrow & tall.

So glad to hear your dad is improving and that your mom is okay after her fall (minus the arm, of course).

Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Big hugs from the South!