Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rained Out!

Oh boy, if this had been our only day at MK, I would be so sad. Our 30% chance of rain turned in to an afternoon long downpour. We had umbrellas, but they were in the truck of course. We are going back tomorrow and Saturday to finish the park. Tonight we are drying out over bowls of spaghetti and watching Toy Story 2. Then it's early to bed because we will be dining with Cinderella at 8:20 am tomorrow.

They really were happy to be there. Honest.


You can barely see them in these pics, but the girls are wearing sweet little Sleeping Beauty ribbon clippies in their hair. I bought two complete sets of Princess clippies for them from one of my very first customers who is now isajoydesigns. We just love these!!!





Even Minnie can't keep her eyes open for my camera. LOL


The girls loved this show, but it was cut short due to rain. We'll be watching it again tomorrow.


Allison wasn't shy about getting out there to dance. Emily says she'll do it tomorrow.



My goofy girl.


It was a loooong trek back and included falling in some mud. Eeck!!! Tomorrow should be even better though.


And this time the umbrellas are coming with us.


Anonymous said...

when we went to disney last year it rained everyday we were there, I hope it is sunny for you tomorrow. Have fun

Jessica said...

I love your updates! Grace was looking at the pics with me and this is what she said...
1. MAMA!!!! It's my friends Emily & Allison!!!...from MI-NNE-SO-TA!!! And baby SAM!!! He's so cute (insert southern drawl).
2. They look sooo pretty! I looove their shoes.
3. Oh my, I see Minnie!!!! It's Cinderella!!!! AND Sleeping Beauty!!!
4. I think they want me to come play with them.
LOL, hope it's pretty & sunny for you tomorrow. Have fun at Cinderella's castle!
Jessica & Grace

Angel said...

Oh Amber, that must have been such a drag. :(

Jessica, she is such a doll! So excited for you guys to go next year. She will have SO much fun! Hudson too of course.

Jamie said...

Great pictures, Dave. I remember a handful of years back when my kids had their autograph books. So much fun watching them get so excited to meet the characters and get autographs!

Hope you have better weather tomorrow - Jamie

Melissa said...

Looks like so much fun. I can't wait to take my kiddos.

Thanks also for the plug about the Princess clippies! They look great and your outfits are spectaular, as usual. :)

Amber said...

I am enjoying reading about your vacation every day! Makes me even mroe excited for our upcoming trip! I LOVE the girl's outfits. Your embroidering wows me everytime. Better make sure Reese never sees this post since I would never sew something so perfect :) Hope you continue to have more fun and dry days!