Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing Cinderella

The role of Fairy Godmother is played by Allison.

Cinderella is played by Emily.

Sam as himself. Eating a granola bar.

Very shaky camera grip is moi.

And because I can't help myself (I have to point out every flaw. How Annoying. I know!). Allison's top ended up being about 6" too long, you can barely see the 3 mice around her skirt, and the straps are attached too far apart in the back. Buy hey, I made it per pattern directions the night before we left and didn't have a model to try it on at 2am. You'd think I could have planned ahead more, for our own trip. But that's what samples are work out all the bugs. It didn't stop us from getting ooodles and ooodles of compliments though. :)

Tomorrow we head to Animal Kingdom and then on to Grandpa and Grandma's house for Sam's 2nd Birthday party. Where we will be sporting these. Thank you Jessica, they are perfect! And then it's on to the Bahamas. If it's not raining, it's been cold and windy here so the heat and sun will be so very welcomed.

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Amber said...

Looks so magical :) I have loved looking at all of the disney posts!! It makes me even more excited for our upcoming trip :) After it started spitting snow today, the 80*+ temps sound so good! Can't wait to here & see the rest of your trip.