Monday, October 11, 2010

Sold, to the lady...

For $18 I came home with a full trunk.


I really only wanted the dresser on the left, so just ignore the other two pieces. I plan to paint it white, distress it, move the two good drawer pulls down to replace the missing ones on the lower right and then put glass knobs on the top drawers. I may even leave the top wood and just refinish it. There is some patching and gluing that will need to happen as some of the wood veneer along the bottom is coming off. Two of the casters are missing the actual wheels, so I'm hoping I can find replacements. I'll likely wait until spring to work on it. But I think it will be perfect for between the girls' beds. It's a lot more functional and since it's taller than their beds they will no longer be tempted to run across it from one bed to the other (Sam especially). And that my friends would be a good thing. I'm giddy about being able to put their lamp and pictures frames back out. I can't even tell you how many times I had to save them from near disater before finally putting them away.

I think it was worth the $18. What do you think?

The piece on top is an old writing desk. The top flips up. I have no idea what to do with it. It's enormous. Maybe fire wood? But that seems such a shame. The chest on the right is nothing special. I'm sure I'll just stick it in the garage to store things like paint brushes and sandpaper.

It's unlikely that I'll be going back to the auction house anytime soon. It was clear across town, diagonally and it took an hour to get there during rush hour. But boy was it fun! I did get to bid on the two Victorian dressers with the carved pulls. I bid $80 each and they went for $90. I had already won the lot above or I might have bid more. I had told David that I wouldn't spend more than $100, so he of course was thrilled with just the $18.

I also scored a dresser and mirror from my uncle that we'll pick up later this week. For free! It's pretty cute and I think it wants to be a buffet in my dining area and a new mirror over the sink in our bathroom. Yay, more projects for spring!


Nancy's Couture said...

Love that dresser! I can't wait to see the pictures of it after you do your magic!

Amber said...

Yay for good deal!!! Can't wait to see the after photos!

Young Adventures... said...

Love the dresser! It will beautiful and perfect for the girls room. That writing desk is awesome too!!

Kim G said...

Angel, you are so ambitious! Great finds! When I saw the flat box on top, I immediately thought of dressing it up and keeping the kids best art projects in them, maybe storing under the bed if it fits. You are right about the other dresser, perfect for the garage, we have one similar and use it for storing christmas tins, misc. odds and ends.

Angel said...

When David saw the desk top he asked if that was for under a bed. great idea! I could put little casters on it, paint it up so it's not splintery or dirty. I'll have to measure to see if it will fit. We have a ton of artwork to store!