Monday, October 18, 2010

A Dad update

Please continue to pray for my dad. The genetic test came back last week and said "prognosis is dire." And wouldn't you know, the Dr. just left it in his room for him to read alone, with no time to discuss it until the next morning? For reals people. Talk about a poor bedside manor. Come to find out the next day that "prognosis is dire" was only referring to the fact that the chromosomes in his bone marrow have actually changed and a "chemo only" treatment won't be enough. So prognosis for an only chemo treatment was dire. He will need a stem cell transplant in about 4 months to aid the chemo. You'd think they could just say that instead of letting a patient think the worst for 20 hours. Grrr... His siblings are being tested for the cell transplant and then I'm next in line. Please pray that one of us is a match!

Up until today he has only been on chemo, no steroids with it, which is what they use when treating adults with this. That's because he's extremely allergic to steroids. They did a test this week-end to see if the chemo had made any changes yet (it should have). There has been no change yet. At all. So now today they are starting him on steroids, which we were hoping to avoid. They will give him something else to combat the effects but we have no idea if that will work. Please pray that it does. This is serious stuff and he needs it in order for the chemo to do it's job.

"God is in control...God is in control...God is in control..."

You can pray for me too. I am stressed to the max these days. And in my case my sciatic nerve flairs up when I'm under any kind of stress, physical or mental (usually it's just mental). It's all I can do to walk, the pain is so great. But I'm really good at hiding it too. Oh how I need this vacation (2 weeks, yay!). Do you think a Dr. would write an Rx for muscle relaxers? It's the only thing that helps my sciatica. But I would feel silly even asking, so I'm sure I won't. Besides, I don't have time for one more appointment. Oh well...

Gotta run, the kids are in the bath and there is a lot of screaming going on. This is going to be a looooong day!


Småenglenes verksted said...

I will definitely be praying for your family. Lord, I pray for Angel and her father, I pray that you come with your healing to them. I also pray for the rest of the family to feel that you are walking next to them through all of this. I the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Kris said...

I am so sorry for what you are going through. Your Dad will be in my prayers. So will you be.
Hang in there.

Heather L. said...

Angel, I am so sorry that your dad got that news alone - what horrible bedside manners that doctor has! Shame on him! I'm definitely saying a prayer for your dad and for you. Sciatica is no fun - I get it when I am pregnant, and wouldn't wish that on anyone.


Jessica said...

I still can't believe the doc let your dad sit there with that type of report until the next day. Bad, bad , bad.

All of you are in my prayers!

And YES! Call your doc, explain what is going on and have them call you in a Rx - you def. don't want to have that kind of pain while walking around Disney!!!

Just just a couple of weeks...a much deserved break to the Happiest Place on Earth :)