Sunday, October 10, 2010

Doing and Dreaming

We've lived in this house for 11 years (2 weeks shy actually) and I've always wanted to paint our front door. So today I finally did! YAY!!! It's now a black semi-gloss. I'll couldn't snap a before photo because my camera is on the fritz and I've avoided photos of the old worn out and faded wood door thus far, so there won't be any. But you can bet there will be afters. I also found a sweet drop leaf table on Craigslist that I just bought for $35 (way too much considering that there is mold on it. Ewe!) to use outside our door. Still decided what color it wants to be. I'm so excited to finally get to decorate our entrance. It's been neglected for 11 years. Poor thing.

Tonight I am on my way to an auction house to visit these beauties. I'm going to try to win any that I can tomorrow night, but I really don't have a prayer. They are so gorgeous that I'm sure they'll end up at hundreds of dollars. But on the off-chance, I'm still going. Besides I've never been to an auction and I think it will be fun. So pray for rain. Or should we pray for another 80* day? I don't know, whatever it is that will make everyone else stay home and not bid against me, pray for that. And don't even ask where I found them. I'm not tellin' until the auction is over. I'm just a big meanie, aren't I?



Aren't these acorn drawer pulls gorgeous?


Wish me luck!

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Young Adventures... said...

My fav is the second one! Hope you get to bring something home. Good luck!